Karachi – The PSL City That’s Welcoming The Cricket World!

By Tayyab Bombal
March 11, 2019
2 minutes

Karachi is now Officially Cricket city. As PSL moves towards an exciting run up of final playoffs, Karachi is welcoming international and national players on its terrain. Fans will get to meet the stars (we hope) and watch the drama up close – nothing beats LIVE action! As we set our sights on National stadium, the city itself cannot be ignored. A colorful display of jhandiaan, lights, larger-than-life cricket star cut outs, and an overwhelming cricket frenzy has taken over a city that knows how to party like no other! Catch the fun in pictures and join in the cricket fever, where ever you are!

1. Karachi – Cricket City

The entire city from Jinnah Airport to Sea View is decorated with images of cricket players and full length stands. Karachi is welcoming our cricketers with passion, love and that special Dil Se sentiment that we’re known for!

PSL, Karachi, Cricket

2. Restaurants Are Offering PSL Deals

Most restaurants are offering special PSL deals. Food and Cricket go hand in hand and no one knows how to do it better than Karachi! Catch the fever and enjoy a bite of your favourite Pizza or Biryani with some super chakkaas!

3. Big Brands Sporting Cricket-based Tag Lines

Big brands have jumped in, and why not? Jahaan cricket wahaan paisa and free advertising too! Many brands are sporting their own cricket-based tag lines placed all over Karachi. Tapal Danedar and Pepsi, to name a few.

4. Many International Players Arrive In Karachi To Play PSL Matches

Almost every international player has traveled to Karachi to play PSL matches in Pakistan. This in itself is a huge victory for cricket, for the country and for the fans indeed! We look forward to many more such exciting matches in the years to come. Welcome back Cricket!

5. Karachi Security On High Alert For PSL

Karachi Security agencies are on high alert because of PSL. The city is on high alert and we hope and pray that all goes well!

PSL, Karachi, Cricket

6. Special Meet & Greet Sessions Planned For Fans

Meet & Greet Sessions are a fan’s delight and international and national players plan to surprise fans with special appearances to keep the cricket fever going week long in the city! Try and find out which mall they’ll be at next and make sure you get a good spot, a hand shake and a selfie if possible!

PSL, Cricket, Karachi

7. Karachi Roads Wear A Clean & Festive Look

Karachi is all spruced up and the local administration is showcasing the city like never before. Team players and coaches will be visiting different sites in the city. Let’s hope they visit Empress Market, Frere Hall, Mohatta Palace, Mazar-e-Quaid and so much more! Flaunt the look Karachi, this is your time, and why not!

PSL 4, Cricket, Karachi

8. Karachi Wears Fancy New Location Signs

Metallic boards with location signs are placed at almost all important places and they look fancy. Frere hall has one we know. If you spot one on the way, you know it’s because the city is wearing a new look, it’s all about cricket this time, but we hope the face-lift continues and we see many more eye catching changes to our city in the near future. It’s the small things that matter.

PSL, Karachi, Cricket

And there you have it. Karachi is rocking with Cricket fever. We hope this is the first of many tournaments that take place on our soil once again. PSL is just the beginning, play on Pakistan, we hope that other cities follow suit and we soon welcome back a full-fledged Cricket tour in Pakistan. Till then, Khel Deewaanon Ka – game on and let’s keep playing!


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