Kamal Khan Hits a Sixer with Laal Kabootar

By Rabia Mughni
March 22, 2019

Laal Kabootar is here to welcome in 23rd. March. The film premiered last night and we have to say, we were blown away by the Pakistaniyat, the riveting Karachi scenes, the sharp characterizations, and the well-scripted storyline.

The much awaited film “Laal Kabootar” premiered in Karachi last night and will be showing in cinemas from 22nd March. Featuring the young and talented Ahmed Ali Akbar and the lovely Mansha Pasha, Kamal Khan’s Laal Kabootar is produced and directed by a relatively new team.

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A Fast-paced Story that Keeps you Engaged

The movie opens onto a typical traffic scene in Karachi, (which any Karachiite can totally relate to). 5 minutes into the movie, and it grabs your attention (a bit 007 style, if we may say so), making you sit upright in your seat, and keeps you engaged right through most of the story.

The film opens with Mansha on a murderer hunt, (we won’t reveal too much because we don’t want any spoilers). Enter Ahmed Ali Akbar, who is desperate to leave Pakistan for financial gains, but he is willing to help Mansha in her quest, despite many hurdles, and against all odds.

Except for a few lags in the storyline, we are treated to a fast-paced script that keeps you guessing what happens next.

Laal Kabootar, Mansha Pasha, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Pakistani Films, Pakistani movies

Mansha Pasha Rules the Screen

You walk away with each character etched beautifully in your mind – such is the characterization of even the smallest role in the movie. From the inspector to the villain side-kick to the chota police wala, each character is so well-developed and well-scripted – the attention to detail is laudable. The performance and significance of each character lends credence to the story – this definitely adds to the wow factor in the final product.

We have to say that Mansha Pasha ruled the screen! We were floored by the above-par expressions and performance. There is a point when she fires a gun unexpectedly and wow, we mean wow! – Her expressions were truly outstanding. Ali Ahmed Akbar delivers a credible performance, in fact, the entire cast gelled together as a well-knit unit to create magic onscreen!

Ali Abbas Naqvi Has Hit a Sixer with the Storyline

We are so impressed by the story and the manner in which it has been scripted. The first encounter between our hero and heroine is in itself, a mark of pure brilliance and makes for an engaging kahaani.

However, (and here’s the only dip in the silver lining) – Laal Kabootar also falls prey to a slight weakness in plot (as with all Pakistani cinema so far), – the story failed to climax!  It went on, marking a Bee line, from point A to point B with no real spikes or dips, and that to us, was a bit of a downer – especially since the film has hit a bulls eye on all other markers.

We also pined for the ONE romantic song, that might have added a pick-me-up feel to the final package. A sprinkling of love and light drama adds color and vibe to any desi cinematic experience and perhaps we missed that feel in our 2 odd hours onscreen experience. However, we must give a shout to the efforts of a relatively new team that has succeeded in working wonders on, and behind the scenes.

Laal Kabootar, Mansha Pasha, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Pakistani films, Pakistani movies, Pakistani Cinema

Laal Kabootar is a Treat for Karachi Lovers

You think you know your city? See Karachi like you’ve never seen it before. Stunning aerial shots, scenes or places that you might not have visited ever; this film will bring out the Pakistaniyat in you. You will own the story, the scenery and the characters as if you BELONG! And that is why we recommend you watch it on March 23rd. – Pakistan Day just got better!

Laal Kabootar, Mansha Pasha, Karachi, Ahmed Ali Akbar,


Go Watch and book your tickets now! This is a Pakistani Movie that will mirror your identity like never before.



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