Justice Nasira Iqbal – Woman of Substance

By Dr. Ramsha Hussain
March 10, 2019
1 minute

Our Woman of Substance – Justice Nasira Iqbal is a game changer in every sense of the word. She chose to pursue a Law Career from The Punjab University and subsequently, graduated suma cum Laude from The Harvard Law School. At a time when many women in her generation were shy of entering public life, she joined the ranks of the first 5 women to be appointed to the Lahore High Court and held the position till 2002. She was also the President Elect of Lahore Bar Council. Furthermore, she is also a Professor of Law and has attended several conferences and seminars in distinguished countries.

“Justice delayed is justice denied” – Justice Nasira Iqbal

Her devotion, commitment, and optimistic approach to her profession raises the bar for other men and women in her profession.

She is also a social activist and oversees an NGO, “Concerned Citizens of Pakistan” as President.

Justcie Nasira Iqbal heads the activist group ‘Concerned Citizens of Pakistan Society (CCP)’. Among other honours, she received the Fatima Jinnah Medal for Women’s Rights in 2006, the Woman of the Year Star Award in 2007, and the Wonder Woman Award in 2011. Iqbal is also part of the Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan.


From an ordinary girl to becoming a practicing justice in the Supreme Court, she is living proof that quality education is the best dowry a father can gift his daughter.


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