Jeans – What’s Trending In 2019

By Komal Malik
January 5, 2019
4 minutes

The Jeans Trends That Made It Into 2019

The weather may keep changing, but jeans are always timeless pieces of clothing that never go out of style and remain a constant in our closets. Whether they are skinny, flared, high-waisted, cropped, distressed, straight leg or baggy they are always going to be the forever backbones of our wardrobes. However, there are certain styles that gain popularity during a season. As we step into 2019, let’s talk about the denim trends gaining popularity over the others this new year.

High Waisted – Straight Leg

High rise, straight silhouette, and a longer length than the usual cropped ankle jeans is something you’ll see a lot this year. it gives a smart, old school and relaxed look which we absolutely love. You can never go wrong with basic denim, and a good fit.

Embroidered Jeans

The floral embroidered, straight cut, high rise or low rise jeans add a feminine touch to the classic denim piece. It’s relaxed, balanced, gives an oomph, and definitely makes a good statement piece. The embroidered look also gives it a formal touch, and makes a basic piece stand out.

Low Slung vs. Low rise

Low slung jeans unlike the low rise ones sit perfectly on the hips giving a very comfortable and relaxed feel. It gives a trendy modern touch, along with a relaxed and effortless feel. This is the kind of jeans that’s perfect for the day time, and if paired with a formal top it can transpire into a super chic night time look . Low rise jeans on the other hand won’t be seen dominating the denim department in stores, or the denim fashion trend this year.


We will definitely be seeing a lot of denim with pintucks going down the centre of the leg this year. Pintucks create a slimming and elongated look, and who doesn’t like long legs along with a comfortable snug fit. The pin tucks jeans in 2019 will be a straight leg fit, flares are not too popular this new year in the denim department.

High rise, Button up

High rise jeans giving a classic vintage feel, and the use of buttons on them adds to the old school 70’s look (minus the bootleg/flares). This year we will be seeing the high rise look with a lot of button details going on them which give a fabulous fit, and the buttons definitely add some funk and edge to these pieces. These are perfect for work, or a party as the snug fit/high rise adds so much character to the outfit, and the individual wearing these. You may also see slitted jeans with buttons; you can open some of those up to show a little leg, or to add a little flare.

Flared Jeans with Slits, Buttons and Zips

The only flared denim you’ll be seeing a LOT this season are the flared jeans with slits. Some of these trendy pieces have buttons, some have zips and some just have slits. This style is edgy, different than the typical flare/bootleg we have been seeing for decades. They allow you to be in control of how much skin you want to show. They are playful, fun and there are so many looks one can create with just one pair of these. Talk about versatility and comfort both!

Patchwork Jeans

Looks like patchwork jeans are making a comeback, and these pieces are accentuated with a few color blocks instead of too much going on. We see brighter, cleaner, and true hues of blue this year instead of the over the top distressed/ripped denim pieces we saw in 2018.

Ripped Denim

Rips, fades and distressed jeans is so last season. This year we will be seeing brighter hues instead of the acid washed look. Ripped denim is still trending, but with lesser rips and a cleaner solid looking feel and look. We will also be seeing a lot more charcoal and dark hues this season.

Cropped Ankle Slim Fit

Cropped ankle jeans are my favourite! These are modern, practical and super smart. You will see variations of embroidered ankle jeans; ankle cut jeans with slits and buttons, and the others will be in solid sleek hues which work with anything and everything. You will see some pieces with zipper details as well. After all denim is not only deemed practical, or essential, but intact statement pieces for a lot of fashionistas out there.

Trends to move away from

Low rise is anything but comfortable in my opinion. It’s the kind one needs to go buy special underwear for in order to wear it. The idea of ease is far away when wearing a low rise jeans, and the worry of it falling down in public (if you’re not wearing a belt) always keeps one anxious.

Slim fit – flared boot legged cuts don’t work for everyone. I love the old school look they give but this year is about clean, sleek, straight cuts which add a touch of modernity to them . Flares will make a comeback, however they won’t be dominating the fashion trend this season.

Skinny jeans, and the overly faded-ripped look are what we need to let go off this year … or perhaps forever. Skinny jeans are extremely uncomfortable, and the overly distressed ripped jeans will never be everyone’s cup of tea. Too much of anything isn’t good, and too many rips just don’t gel well with me and 2019 it seems.


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