Jab We Met – A Turkish-Pakistani Love Story

By Shazia Habib
November 27, 2018

FUCHSIA Talks to DJ Ferhat Kantik About the Turkish-Pakistani Connection – A Love Story in the Making

The latest news on our Twitter-Insta feeds has us all starry-eyed. News has it that Ferhat Kantik, a DJ from Turkey met Sadaf from Pakistan during a video and photo-shoot. The couple got to know each other and gradually fell in love. The rest, as we say, is a love story that social media enthusiasts are following with much excitement. The two countries share a history of amicable relations and this new ‘relationship’ has spurred every insta blogger across the country to put up at least ONE image of the newly married couple on their feed. And why not? A genuine, feel-good love story will always arouse interest (and accumulate likes), especially one that’s from across the border. No, we didn’t mean THAT border… just in case you got us wrong, we were talking about our Turkish biraadaraan.

Now, due to the pur zor israaar of the public, who was dying to get hold of more than just an image or two of the lovely couple, we decided to meet their demand and set out to establish bilateral talks with the man in question – the Turkish hero of our love story. And we’re happy to report that we have some inside news for you!

We won’t bore you with a full-scale 15-episode Bano Qudsia-type narrative of the events preceding the union (we are in touch with the need of the times, a 20-20 game of cricket will definitely keep everyone more hooked than a full-on test match, and so we oblige our readers with a breezy read), so stay with us as we give you a recap of the high points, and there were many, that led to this holy matrimony. After a quick, friendly chat with our hero in Turkish armor, here is what we learnt, and we have it for you from the horse’s mouth!

Our DJ in the Lead Role

Ferhat Kantik, our lead man, is a Turkish Disc Jockey. That’s very cool, we think, because after all he could have hailed from any other profession; a businessman, a banker, a doctor, an engineer, or even a dervish? The DJ has definitely added to the romance factor here.

“I am from Turkey, near Izmir. I have been DJing for the past 19 years and have had concerts in more than 42 countries of the world”, explains Ferhat.

Family Comes First For Him

Not only is our hero a DJ, but also a family man: “I spend most of my time in my studio. The free time I get, I like to spend with my friends and family,” says Ferhat.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Is a Favourite

They rightfully say ‘music has no borders or language’. Although our hero does not speak too much Urdu (he is learning from his better half, he tells us), Ferhat and his father are fond of Pakistani music, especially Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan! PM IK listen up, this one’s for you, we note some similarities here. The man knows his music well. We sense a Turkish daura might be on the cards for Khan sahab, #PMIKinTurkey trending soon?

Jab We Met – The Turkish-Pakistani Dosti

The happy couple met on the sets of a photo-shoot, and Ferhat was instantly struck by Sadaf’s hospitable nature and self-confidence. Language was no barrier for the two, as they managed to communicate and hold discussions on many topics.

Ferhat says that he is no stranger to Pakistan and has been visiting our country since before 2013 when he served in the Turkish Navy. He recalls that Pakistanis are a loving, caring, hospitable nation.

Image credits: IBAD Photography

A Mother-in-Law’s Prayers Answered

Ferhat also mentioned that his mother always wanted him to marry a Pakistani girl! Fate seems to have conspired that the two should meet – a mother’s prayers never go unanswered. This time, God was listening all the way from Pakistan.

The susraal walas are very happy with this union, and Ferhat’s family talks to Sadaf over Skype regularly. Again, we wonder if the people at Google Translate have developed a Skype version with Turkish-Urdu translations? Perhaps, this union will encourage an interest in the family learning our language? This was the reawakening we were waiting for – Urdu will rise again, and we will be here to witness it! Ferhat says that Sadaf has been teaching him basics of the language already.

And the ladki walas on this side of the border are equally enthusiastic. The bride’s mother is known to have personally selected the engagement ring as a sign of approval and to shower the family’s blessings upon the young couple.

Biryani Is For Everyone!

Ferhat loves Biryani, “but go easy on the spices”, he requests. I guess we can do that after all, if Shan masala can come up with Bombay Biryani mix, then an Istanbul version is not a far-fetched idea. People at Shan, Habib, National, hopefully you’re listening!

Love Does Not Need a Language – The Love Story that Touched our Hearts

“Also, she is very self-confident. She treated me like her own family and this is what affected me most. Later, she started teaching me Urdu little by little. When she was not around I used to miss her smiling face. We started liking each other but had not mentioned it to each other at the time. Her self-confidence, especially around my female followers, who want to talk to me and take pictures with me is something that I admire very much. There are only a handful of girls who can do that. She said that this is part of my profession and that she loves how I treat all my fans equal and how I am always smiling when I am talking with them. She does not feel jealous about it. Another thing that I love about her is that even though there is a language barrier of sorts, my English is very poor, we understand each other so well and we have discussions on so many topics,” Ferhat gushes about all the things he loves and admires about Sadaf.

Pakistan – A Second Home

This sentence really made our hearts skip a beat, and we wanted to say… yeh rishta humein manzoor hai, instantly. Ferhat disclosed that Pakistan is like a second home for him. “Pakistan is such a wonderful, diverse country”, he says and continues, “Every time I visit, I hear of the wonderful things happening here… and I wish I could hear more of positive Pakistan on international media!”

Move Over HUM TV – You Have Competition

Last but not the least, FUCHSIA would like to give our blessings to the newlyweds. May this Pak-Turk dosti live on forever. We look forward to the next concert in Pakistan by Ferhat. And that drama we were talking about earlier? Well, we hear Turkish dramas aren’t doing too badly in Pakistan, move over HUM TV, you have competition now!

News has it that someone might be interested in buying over film rights for the Turkish-Pakistani love story. It may be a joint collaboration with a chart-busting musical score from Turkey! Any ideas on who the main leads might be? Wait for the full review on FUCHSIA!


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