It’s All About The Ajrak Craze – Go Local With Style

By Aania Shah
March 12, 2019
2 minutes

When Farah told me we were to shoot actress Amar Khan, I knew  we should do Eastern wear. She has a versatile face but most of the shoots I’d seen of her were Western. So I really wanted to show how well she can flaunt desi wear. And at FUCHSIA Magazine, I knew I would have the creative freedom to play with different pieces giving a nod to our culture and design. I’ve always been majorly into Ajrak prints.

I feel the Ajrak craze will be even bigger when the summer hits hard, being it all light fabric and vibrant colors. Also, when the world is buzzing with “sustainability” and “environment-friendly” as the newest big trends of the future, for many centuries, innumerable crafts have existed in harmony with nature.

I kept it simple with the accessories. I wanted the pieces to show on their own and the chai dhaaba where we were shooting at, already had quite a strong vibe. So a pile of accessories could’ve over-killed it.

This is keeping in mind the international makeup trends you will be seeing in Spring Summer 2019.  Amar looked great in all the pieces.

Ajrak, Pakistani Fashion

Some things are so subtle that they do not glare out, yet so vivid that one cannot help but appreciate the aesthetics in their creation. One such craft is our lovely Sindhi Ajrak.

Ajrak, Pakistani Fashion

A playful and fun way of styling a sari is to pair it with a signature YBQ T-shirt.

Ajrak, Susi, Pakistani Fashion


Ajrak, Pakistani Fashion

There’s something so mysterious and alluring about the lightly-smudged Kohled eyes.

ajrak. Pakistani fashion, ajrak kurta, ajrak shirt

I did have her lip shades changed from nude to a red tint, (like a stain of paan left on the lips), then to a burnt orange matt (which Amar said she’s never tried on before, and it looked so refreshing). This is keeping in mind the international makeup trends you will be seeing in Spring Summer 2019.

I picked out pieces from YBQ’s newest creations (gold-studded yellow Kurta).

ajrak kurta, ajrak shirt, pakistani fashion

I experimented with an assortment of bangles and traditional jhumkas.

No one does Ajrak better than Karachi based designer Yousuf Bashir Qureshi (YBQ)

Ajrak, Pakistani Fashion, Ajrak shirt, Ajrak kurta

Amar is either barefooted or dons matching Khussas to perfect the look.

Ajrak Shirt, Ajrak, Ajrak Kurta, Pakistani fashion

The red Ajrak shawl with “Rumi” the black classic long Kurta.

The washed-out orange Dhoti is my favorite piece.

ajrak kurta, ajrak shirt

Model: Amar Khan

Photography, Styling, and Concept by Aania Shah



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