April 15, 2019
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It’s Spring or in Pakistani terms: it’s “Lawn season”. March had just begun and my WhatsApp was overflowing with the launch and exhibition invites of the season’s newest Lawn collections. Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp; Lawn fever had hit hard across all forums. It was like a viral you couldn’t escape. Sooner or later it will catch up to you. Being a newbie to this country, this Lawn hype seems very foreign to me. I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that women are ready to spend their savings to buy a piece of clothing that they will probably wear once or twice. Don’t get me wrong; the prints look very pretty and I would love to own some of the statement pieces for my wardrobe.


Lawn Suits, lawn jora, Lawn

But the real question is, is it really worth the price?

Just when I told myself that I would be saving my money by not joining this ‘Lawn’ trend, I came across friends and family members bragging about how they have already pre-booked their Lawn suits. This ‘Lawn Love’ actually made me feel a little left out, to be honest, so I instantly paid a visit to the Lawn companies’ Instagram pages – and that’s when I was bowled over by their smart marketing strategy.

Can we all take a second and give their marketing team a round of applause.

I mean the marketing is so strategic that you’re bound to get trapped. The fact that all the big brands have destination shoots to compliment their tall, skinny models, makes the jora seem more appealing than ever. Women all across Pakistan buy their Lawn suits, aspiring to achieve THE look.


Lawn Suits, lawn jora, Lawn

The PR Packages

We all know how to get the word across these days – It’s just one simple word:‘BLOGGERS’. Women shoppers place their trust in real women so big brands like Elan, LSM and Farah Talib send out their PR packages to known bloggers. These bloggers then discuss how unique or beautiful the new collection is, or simply post a picture of themselves wearing the latest collection.


Pre-booking is an utter deception. Brands claim that they are so popular that you need to pre-book their collection, since they are sold out instantly. Some brands also claim that they make a very small quantity, this traps women into believing that these prints are exclusive.

Lawn Suits, lawn jora, Lawn


Every Lawn suit you set your eyes on is priced between Rs.8K to Rs.10K , and lets face it, one Lawn suit is never enough. And if you want it in every colour and every design possible, then you do the math – you know you’re looking at around Rs.30K for just three Lawn pieces. Women who can easily afford these, would probably never wear them more than twice. Plus, lets be real; the print and colour you’re wearing is probably being worn by hundreds of other women out there ; leaving the brand to be non-exclusive. To me, it’s definitely NOT worth the price. However Lawn brands are capitalizing on the market-hype and demand, and will probably lower prices only if we, the consumers, back off from the lawn obsession – but that’s not happening anytime soon!

Lawn Suits, lawn jora, Lawn

To conclude this off, everyone has their opinion.

There is no judgement being passed on people who think it’s okay to purchase high-end brands. But I personally feel like I am not ready to get hit by this fever anytime soon. Especially because I am aware that the Lawn would probably not appear the same after it has been washed and I am definitely not going to look like that model who seems to be enjoying Istanbul while wearing FTA’S ‘very’ exclusive lawn collection!


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