Infiniti Yoga in Singapore

May 22, 2018

Global Yoga and spiritual society, Ananda Marga, has created a unique yoga technique called Infiniti Yoga. This involves walking while doing Asanas (yoga postures), as compared to the more traditional static Yoga versions that are more commonly practiced.

What is Infiniti Yoga?

Infiniti Yoga is well-suited for amateur yoga enthusiasts such as young children or the elderly who face difficulty performing certain Asanas. The postures and movements are characterised by the seamless movement that traces an infinity pattern across the yoga studio.

Every posture incorporates a range of deep stretches. This strengthens the central nervous system. Hence, this gives a lasting sense of relief. The left and right brain synchronises with each step that forms part of the infinity-shaped trail. Again, these movements elegantly harmonise the logical and artistic expressions in a person. Even the alternating of poses between the left and right sides of the body bears the intention of subtly kindling brain stimulation and training balance.

Each Infiniti Yoga class is tastefully accompanied by relaxing breathing exercises. These are followed by a meditation session and a time of Shavasana that induces a deep sense of tranquility.  This later translates into a sense of bliss that runs from head to toe. A strategic combination of body movements brings one to a state of serenity. A perfect escape after a long day of work.

The Origins of Infiniti Yoga

This form of yoga is carefully curated by Dada Premamayananda. Dada is a missionary and well-loved yogi of Ananda Marga. Infiniti Yoga guides students through poses specially chosen to strengthen the neck, torso and lower body – all this while walking across the studio in a figure “8”. The intricate routine however, took inspiration merely from a sprained ankle that led Dada Premamayananda to take slow steps around his studio.

Dada Premamayananda’s Path to Enlightenment

Dada Premamayananda’s path to enlightenment began while strolling along the streets of Italy, his home country. He came across a poster using a drawing of Babaji known as the “Eternal Yogi”. It advertised a yoga and meditation class. Dada decided to join his first yoga class right there and then in 1982 and the rest as they say, is history. After attending another seminar about Ananda Marga, he felt that the lifestyle they promoted “just made sense”. That compelled him to immediately quit drinking, smoking and even become a vegetarian.

Since then, Dada Premamayananda has come a long way in his journey of self-realisation and service to humanity – the two missionary pillars of Ananda Marga. Dada Premamayananda soon began working full-time for Ananda Marga, in Verona and Bologna, Italy.

In 1994, he was posted to Sydney, Australia as a missionary and later to South East Asia in 1996. Dada has also compiled the very first Ananda Marga Dictionary for Everyday Use, published under AMGK (Ananda Marga Gurukul) Publications in Bangkok. He is also engaged in constructing an Ananda Marga Eco-village in Palawan, Philippines.

Dada Premamayananda, Infiniti Yoga in Singapore
Dada Premamayananda’s path to enlightenment began while strolling along the streets of Italy

“Out of monotony, I incorporated a few of the Asanas and exercises I was practicing. I later realised that if the two exercises can be combined into one class, then you don’t need to be a professional yogi to reap all the benefits of yoga which anyone can do,” said Dada.

Amidst all his commitments, the 57-year-old missionary has never lost sight of the very thing that changed his life –Yoga. In 2015, the Ananda Marga Yoga Society of Singapore warmly welcomed Dada Premamayananda as a yoga instructor. Dada is a well-loved teacher. His demeanor  is marked by a humble and gentle spirit. Dada has recently established the first ever “Infiniti Yoga” class to aid his students in their quest for mental and physical balance. Despite his saint-like exterior, Dada has an undeniably cheeky character. When asked about his favourite form of Yoga, Dada instantaneously lit up to answer: ”Infiniti Yoga, of course!”.

Book Your First Infiniti Yoga Class

To book your Infiniti Yoga class, please visit The Ananda Marga Society of Singapore. Each class is 1.5 hours long and priced at $27 or 12-sessions for $160.


Infiniti Yoga is well suited for amateur yoga enthusiasts such as young children or the elderly that have difficulty performing certain Asanas

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