I am One Man Away From Sabyasachi!

By Dr. Ramsha Hussain
February 13, 2019
2 minutes

What is the first word that comes to mind, when I say – Sabyasachi? Well, I don’t know about you, but personally I can picture my wedding with all the extravaganza, dance performances, and inviting all my exes to join in on the big day! “Is mein tera ghaata, mera kuch nahin jaata” type thing. One thing important to focus here is I am not engaged, or in a relationship, or planning to get married!

Yes, ladies, these are the feelings that the word “Sabyasachi” can evoke in you. It’s a powerful word, that makes one feel you should get married, get married to anyone, coz the lenhga matters more than the dulha (I have my priorities right!)

Well, you must be wondering, why am I talking about lehnga, Sabyasachi, and weddings – SShhhh, I have a news for you. There is a new place in town, where you can rent a designer lehnga without selling your kidney. Let that sink in … Yesssss!!!!!! Now you can get your hands on a designer lehnga for your wedding and rent it for the day without going through the hassle of darzi, sitaray, moti, and karhaaiyan. I am telling you, I am one man away from Sabyasachi! – (We all are).

I am One Man Away From Sabyasachi!

Closet’ is a startup which is offering you outfits made by sought-after designers to rent. Why should you opt for this option? Here is why:

  • It is an economical solution to your budget problems
  • You can save money and spend it on an exotic honeymoon destination instead.
  • You CAN wear your favorite designer now, on your most important day.
  • You can avoid the trauma involved in dress designing and save the Bridezilla virus from striking your cool, calm, bridal demeanour.
  • You can let go, of the hassle of packing your wedding dress in the hope that your daughter or daughter-in-law will wear it on her wedding, let’s be clear here, IT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!

The benefits are many, so if you want to save the money, hassle, and trauma associated with wedding dress shopping, rent your wedding jora. Trust me, you will thank us later. The options are unlimited unlike your dulha option who might be selected by someone else for you. (And of course, renting is not an option here, we will let you know if the possibility comes up).

I am One Man Away From Sabyasachi!

Closet is currently operating in three metro cities: Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. The brain behind ‘Closet’ initiated this project in Karachi and after being embraced by many brides-to-be, they decided to expand it to other cities too. The feedback from the customers is positive, they think that renting a bridal jora is far better than spending a huge sum of money on a dress you are not ever going to wear again … of course, there are always those who recycle and wear it in a family shaadi, but guess what, you can rent out a new one too! Give yourself the chance to wear another label without the price tag!

The option to de-stress before your wedding couldn’t get more tempting (with the added benefit of Sabyasachi lehnga)! So choose smartly. Free ki advice thi, lena hai to lo – warna janay do!



About Dr. Ramsha Hussain

Ramsha is a Pharmacist by profession, writer by choice! She is qualified to write about health topics but loves to cover everything from food to music! Her aim in life? To be the Crazy Cat Lady!

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