How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

By Falak Amaar Khan
March 25, 2019
1 minute

Make up brushes are an essential party of our daily make up routine. You might think you don’t use too many or too often, but in reality we all do. Blush Brush for example. Or Eye brow brush. Powder brushes are also one of the most used brushes along with Eye shadow applicators.

But how often to do clean them? We asked several ladies and weren’t surprised when we heard: “Not often” but were shocked when some looked back at us with the question? “Wash my brushes? Well, never!” And “mine’s 13 years old” or,  “I use mine once in a while”.

The point here isn’t how old your brush is or how often you use it. It’s how often do you clean them?

For instance, I have an instant brush cleaner from Makeup forever and after every use I give them a quick clean. But then once every month (which should be two weeks actually) I deep clean them. Not only does this get rid of any old makeup breeding bacteria deep in the roots of my makeup brushes, it gives them a new life and they work a lot better as the bristles aren’t coated with old makeup.

Remember, clean brushes means clean skin! Using used or dirty brushes on your skin exposes it to harmful bacteria that can cause acne, whiteheads, blackheads and other conditions.

So, to deep clean your brushes, you don’t necessarily need to buy an expensive brush cleaner. You can do it with kitchen ingredients at home.
All you need is:

1. A Jar and 1 Cup hot water


2. 1 Tablespoon Distilled White Vinegar




3. 1 Tablespoon Dishwashing Liquid


4. Mix it all up in a glass jar and place the brushes heads down into the water.



5. Leave them in for 20 minutes


6. Take them out and rinse them under lukewarm tap water facing downwards so that the water doesn’t seep into the base of the bristles. If it does it will dampen the glue holding them together and the brush would start losing hair


7. Then lay them flat to dry overnight


Your brushes are as good as new!


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