Hareem Farooq’s Weight Loss Tips in 3 Simple Rules

April 22, 2019
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Hareem Farooq is a young Pakistani actress who has taken on her fitness goals with admirable persistence – and she has met with more amazing results!! . Her impressive weight loss journey of 35 kgs makes one motivated to work hard and believe that with determination and consistency one can achieve anything. We recently met up with her and we didn’t want to lose the opportunity to talk to her about her weight loss.

Hareem Farooq’s Fitness ritual is pretty straight forward; she works outs 4 times a week, drinks a whole lot of water and never misses the most important meal of the day – breakfast.

We discovered Three Simple Rules that stood out for Hareem:

Hareem Farooq weightloss, Hareem farooq Fitness

1. Make Daily Fitness Part of Your Life

1. Drink Lemon and Ginger water in the morning
2. Get enough sleep.
3. Eat smaller quantities through out the day.
4. Don’t eat 3 hours before going to bed
5. Be positive about the journey. Love yourself while you’re working hard on YOU.


Hareem Farooq weightloss, Hareem farooq Fitness

With so many different options in a dynamic fitness-obsessed world, one gets stuck in a dilemma as to which workout they should choose. We thought we would ask Hareem what she recommends and what has really worked for her.

Hareem prefers Pilates over Crossfit. Not only because Pilates helps with flexibility and circulation but it also helps with your hormones. According to Hareem a lot of women in Pakistan face hormonal problems and Pilates is a one-stop solution for them. Pilates is something that is not too hard on your body and helps you strengthen your core. Your must focus on your inner health in order to see results.

Hareem recommends Sania from Body Lab for Pilates – Hareem’s Pilates studio. Maybe you can spot her on your next workout!!. Sania has really motivated Hareem to up her fitness game and she can talk about her for hours. According to her, Body Lab is like a rehab centre because she had lower back issues and Sania really helped her with it. Fixing her lower back has really helped her in strength training. Pilates is a road to recovery.

3. Stay Fit While Travelling

Hareem Farooq weightloss, Hareem farooq Fitness

Summer is coming and we are all motivated to lose weight before we travel so we can look good on our vacations, however, we are never able to maintain our weight while travelling. The holiday eating binge takes over and we inevitably tend regain all the weight after our vacation. We asked Hareem for tips to stay on top of the fitness game EVEN wihen holidaying (in Europe or the Bahamas!).

Hareem Farooq’s fitness regime means staying healthy, even when you’re travelling. While some people might find it difficult, Hareem makes sure to workout on holiday too. She finds a nearby gym and goes for a workout and if she’s unable hit the gym, she makes sure she walks a lot – all that step counting can work wonders!


Hareem Farooq weightloss, Hareem farooq Fitness

Hareem believes that we have to love ourselves to see results. It’s all about being positive and consistent during your weight loss journey. So begin with love, … and the rest, as they say, shall follow!


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