Grey Eyeliner Done Right – Grey Is The New Black!

October 8, 2018

Grey Eyeliner Done Right!

It’s not Blue, It’s not Green, It’s not Red…Grey is the new Black, they say. Find out how you can turn on the glam for a day, or evening look with our Grey Eyeliner Makeup Video. It only takes 4 Minutes to OWN the look! Click on the video below to learn more!

Step 1:

Begin by applying a steel-grey eyeliner to the lower eye line.

Step 2:

Apply the same colour to the brows and brush the eyebrows to create a finished look for day wear.

Step 3:

Step up the glam by mixing eyeshadow with saline solution to make your very own DIY grey eye-colour.

Get your contouring right by following this makeup tutorial. Simple and effective steps to get it right! Click here for step by step Makeup tips


Grey Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial by Mona Gill for FUCHSIA Magazine


Grey Is The New Black!

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