Green Casserole – Healthy Bake

By Ujjwala Baxi
March 13, 2018

Green Casserole – The Healthy Bake

Green Casserole is a one-dish meal for the entire family. If you’re looking for a healthy bake. If you’re on the run and pressed for time, but don’t want to short-change on health, this one’s for you!

This Vegetarian Bake is wholesome addition to your family favourites. Serve it as a green side or make it a part of your main meal.

Main Ingredients: Spinach, Corn, Onion, Parmesan and Cheddar Cheese, Milk and Whole wheat Flour.

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Recipe by: Ujjwala Baxi

Video Credits: Farah Haq













Ms. Ujjwala Baxi is a Consultant Dietitian and has obtained her Registered Dietitian license from the Indian Dietetics Association. She is also a Diabetes Educator, certified by the International Diabetes Federation. She has worked in government as well as private hospitals in Mumbai, as a Chief Dietitian. She is the Founder and Director of “Poshan-Cure thru Diet” clinic and she has appeared on Indian cookery shows on Zee Marathi and Zee TV (India), demonstrating some healthy recipes. She also conducts Vegetarian healthy cookery classes and workshops for healthy living in Singapore. Her blog can be read at 


About Ujjwala Baxi

Ujjwala has given our readers green rules to live by through The Green Casserole Recipe, Healthy Holidays and Guilt-Free Diwali Snacks. Living in Singapore, Ujjwala is a registered dietitian as well as a diabetes educator. She has 7 years of work experiencing spanning a variety of health-and-nutrition-based endeavours, including children’s nutrition workshops, weight consultations and cookery lessons. Ujjwala likes to write for FUCHSIA because of the welcoming attitude of the team, who she feels connects well with its readers, making her feel good about writing for them. She is married and mother to a 4-year-old boy. Her hobbies include art, dancing, craft ideas, home décor, fashion and make up. She believes her calling is to contribute to the world by sharing her knowledge and making it a healthier place to live in.

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