By Madeeha Ansari
April 16, 2019
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The Game is truly back on! The Game of Thrones Last Season is airing and the world is gripped in the Game. The episode may not have had a lot of action but it gave the fans the reunions we have been waiting for.

Sansa, Season 8 Game of Thrones, GOT

The Good?

The show went right into the major revelations that were shown in season 7. There was no wasting of time. Daenerys has reached Winterfell with Jon Snow, and has shown her strength. The North is not impressed. Sansa was the boss of this episode! She truly showed her growth – from assessing Daenerys to the only one speaking abut how to feed an army AND 2 dragons. While Jon pledged allegiance to Daenerys, the North pledged their allegiance to Jon Snow and are not on board for this new Southern Queen. Bran, however, does not have time for petty politics, he states that the Night King not only marches with his army but has raised Viserion from the dead and rides him. The time is now to fight for the living rather than argue about the throne and who will rule the seven kingdoms.

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Reunions Between the Stark Siblings

The most satisfying moments for me, personally, were the reunions between the Stark siblings; Arya and Jon have always shared a special bond and to see them together was so rewarding. But the moment from their conversation that stands out is: Arya declaring Sansa as the most intelligent person she has ever met. I, honestly think Jon needs to listen to Sansa more, rather than being so taken by Daenerys.

Cersei, Game of Thrones, Season 8

Cersei Is On Another Planet

Even after hearing about the wall falling, she was happy about it. She truly believes that she will remain untouched during the coming war. While the ships sail in – The Golden Company has reached King’s Landing with Euron Greyjoy. The funniest moment was definitely Cersei being disappointed that there were no elephants with The Golden Company.

game of Thrones, Season 8, GOT

The BIG Revelation

Finally, the BIG revelation was Jon discovering his true parentage. Considering he rode a dragon in this episode, (also, the dragon was named after his father)! Sam, after being told his father and brother were executed by Daenerys heads to the Crypts. Bran insists that he is the right person to break the news to Jon – FINALLY! This will create new dynamics because Daenerys’ claim to the throne has weakened considerably as Jon is Aegon Targaryen – the son of Rhaegar Targaryen, the true heir to the Iron throne.

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What’s Ahead?

Closing out the episode, we know that the Night King and his Army are already a few days away from Winterfell and in the next episode, we will witness a battle between the living and the dead.

While the first episode of a hugely anticipated Game of Thrones Season 8 served as a good opener, it did lack any real movement forward. It seemed to just tie up the loose ends that were left hanging at the end of season 7. Thankfully, now that all revelations are out in the open we can move forward with the action and the culmination of this epic show – Game of Thrones!


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