FUCHSIA VANITY BOX: How To Add Glitter To Your Eye Makeup

January 3, 2019
1 minute

Glittery Eye Makeup Can Make or Break Your Look – Watch How To Get It Right!

Glittery Eye Makeup can really add fun and drama to your evening look. Wear it right and you look fab, wear it wrong and you miss the point completely!

Ever wonder how these super models get the perfect glitter look without having their entire face shine like a disco ball? Well, we asked Hafsa Haseeb from Depilex to show us how to add glitter to a party makeup look. Here is the tutorial for that glam party look with the glittery touch.


  1. Accentuate the brows
  2. Fill in the eye lid and blend it out. Use a smaller brush to add depth.
  3. Use a darker eye shadow on the outer corners and blend it out
  4. Don’t do a darker color under eyes. Always use lighter colors under the eye
  5. Use darker colors to cover the eye lid and then the gold to cover.
  6. Make sure you keep your eyes closed till the eye color dries up
  7. Eye liner. draw in from outer corners of the eye
  8. Luminous mascara
  9. Use a lighter shade on inner corner of the eyes.
  10. use a matte lip liner to draw around the natural lip line
  11. add a liquid lipstick, and dab it in the middle of the lips.
  12. Use a highlighter. Always on the highest point of the face

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