FUCHSIA Road Show: What is Karachi’s Biggest Problem?

January 4, 2019
1 minute

What is the biggest problem in Karachi? We asked, and they answered …

The FUCHSIA Roadshow: We give you a chance to have your say! You have an opinion about something you feel passionate about, or you just want to bring a smile to everyone’s face with your funny comments? Well, The FUCHSIA Road Show might  just be somewhere nearby and you will get a chance to have your say!

This month we ask people: If you could solve ONE problem in Karachi, what would it be? If you could dedicate ONE song to your city … what would that be?  Find out what they have to say, and sing! Do you have something to add to their story? Then tell us in the comments section and have your say!

Click here or on the link below to view full video.

Find out What Men Think, or if you should be eating at Shams Chaat House! Maybe Hot Chocolate is what you need, or Shakarkandi on a cold Karachi morning?


About Team FUCHSIA

This article is the collaboration effort of several members of Team FUCHSIA.

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