What Is The Frozen II Teaser Hinting At?

By Dr. Ramsha Hussain
February 15, 2019
2 minutes

Let’s get one thing clear, I am a die-hard Disney fan! Be it a flying elephant, princess, mermaid – I love them all! Disney itself a temple for people like me who religiously follow animated and live action movies. Why am I blabbering about Disney? Because Disney dropped a bomb this week, Yes, I am talking about the Frozen II teaser. As every other 90’s kid, I was way too excited to watch it, I wanted a glimpse of Sven’s adorable face and sassy attitude, and I wanted to feel the bonding of Elsa & Anna. But the character I was most excited about was OLAF! He is funny and he likes warm hugs (I think he is the character who mirrors my spirit!).

Too much about me, let’s just get back to the teaser. So we get the first glimpse of Elsa and it seems like she is planning to jump into the water to defeat something or someone. She appears to be training for something and is very persistent to cross the massive ocean waves.  She is determined to cross the ocean and in another scene, she is surrounded by fuchsia fire along with Olaf. Is the enemy more powerful than her? We will see!

Frozen IIWe all know that Anna is one of those brave Disney princesses who challenged the norms! She is not waiting for a knight in a shining armor but wielding the sword in the forest to protect her sister, Arendelle, and her boyfriend Kristoff! I still remember when she punched Hans and threw him in the freezing water.

Frozen II

The teaser also hints at a fire emergency in the forest and we can presume that Kristoff is saving some precious Reindeer lives (Kristoff loves Reindeers). He looks distressed and angry, yet determined to save innocent lives.

Frozen II

There are two mysterious new characters in the Frozen II teaser, and the female character seems to have powers related to autumn and fire. Perhaps Disney is planning to launch a brand new female antagonist ? (I don’t even know why I am excited about it). There is a fan theory doing the rounds that the young woman we saw in the teaser is Elsa’s mother and the scene was a flashback which implies that Elsa’s mother might have had some kind of magical powers too!Frozen II

The Frozen II teaser is all about dark backdrops and cinematography.  I loved it as it brought back fond memories of a movie that is close to my heart. However, I missed Olaf’s innocent one-liners and Sven kicking Kristoff. The teaser did what it meant to do; it unleashed a heated debate on the internet concerning the possible plot of the movie and the identity of the new characters. It left the audience intrigued and eager to know the whole story. I can totally hate Disney right now for making me wait till December 2019 for Frozen II.


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