When Food Fusion Meets Karachi Street Food Festival – Arrey Waah!

November 9, 2018

Listen up Food Lovers! This November will never be the same again! Why? Because for the first time ever, Food Fusion is planning to make an entry at the Karachi Street Food Festival. Find out what’s cooking at the Food Fusion Cooking Studios and join us as they tell us their plans for Food Festival. This one is specially for all the men out there. Visit the festival on the following dates and find out what’s in store at the Food FUSION Stall!

Where: Karachi Street Food Festival (Benazir Bhutto Park)

When: November 16th. 17th. and 18th.

Live Cooking and a Meet up with your favourite Food Fusion Couple is on the cards!

Click on the video link to find out what they have to say!



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