FIT FAB Fundamentals – Modest Exercise Wear

By Falak Amaar Khan
June 3, 2017

Fit Fab Fundamentals – Modest Exercise Wear for the Modern You

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FUCHSIA regularly features content that will keep our readers up-to-date on all lifestyle fronts. We are proud to be part of a day and age when women are becoming increasingly aware and concerned about their health and fitness. And this is not isolated to one particular profile of women, rather, it includes women from all walks of life. With this increasing diversity, we also see more products and services catering to the differing needs and preferences.

It is in this evolving landscape that we see modest apparel become more of a demand. Last year, Singapore was host to the Singapore Modest Fashion Weekend 2017, where designers of modest fashion showcased their collections. Women who prefer modest dressing are beginning to see more options relevant to them.

Haslinda Ali’s FIT FAB is one such initiative, providing modest exercise-wear. Women who seek out modest apparel often feel they don’t quite look or feel the part when working out, because it is difficult to find stylish yet modest exercise wear. Hijab-wearing physical trainer, health coach, producer/director, mother, and superwoman, Haslinda Ali, saw this gap and decided to do something about it, adding fashion designer to the list!

In 2015, Haslinda launched an exclusive gym-wear line in many colours and 3 different cuts, and it is one-of-its-kind.

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Young or mature, bold or basic, work-out junkie or beginner, there is something for everyone at Fit Fab Fundamentals. And it’s smart. You won’t have your movements restricted by t-shirts or synthetic tights that don’t let your skin breathe. Nor will you have to worry about a hijab getting in the way with each bend you make.

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This bubble-gum top paired with the bright camouflage print tights are for those who love colours and are done with all-black gym wear.

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My personal favourite, this black top, skirt and tights set paired with a red hijab is an elegant yet FIT FAB ensemble.

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This gorgeous combination of turquoise and black is one of FIT FAB’s most innovative designs. The wave tights paired with a turquoise top and matching hoodie looks the part, and plays it too.

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This purple-and-lilac top and hijab will put a spring in anyone’s step, brightening up the mood as you pace yourself for working out. The mesh tights contrast the top half but add an Oomph! factor at the same time.

Check out the entire collection at, the Facebook Page titled Haslinda Ali Fit Fab and on Instagram @haslindafitfab.

This phenomenal female was appointed to represent Active Women in Sports by Sports Council in 2006. Her role was to inspire and represent women in their 30s who are juggling family and career, and who manage to keep active and healthy. The following year she was Singapore Heart Foundation’s Ambassador for Healthy Heart. Both experiences made her realize the importance of influencers supporting and speaking up for a cause they truly believe in.

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