Festive Fashionistas

By Falak Amaar Khan
September 11, 2015

Eid and Diwali season is approaching and the anxiety of “what to wear” is looming large over everyone.

FUCHSIA did a bit of virtual and actual window-shopping for you, our readers; to bring you the latest from the fashion scene.

Prints and embroidery-wise, all things floral have made a comeback, and each designer has their own version of Laura-Ashley-inspired patterns. Birds, butterflies and other nature-inspired motifs are also big this season.

“Jackets Are So Last Season!” – Whoever told you that needs a serious style check. Jackets are a trend to stay. In fact, ponchos, too, have started making an appearance in the most versatile manner.

“Short Shirts Are It!” – Well … not quite. They might be back, but the fashion industry has not as yet bid farewell to the flowy-and-elegant long silhouettes.

“To Jump, or Not to Jump?” – We leave this one to the wearer’s discretion. We still love jumpsuits and would gladly adorn them anytime.

“Hip and Trendy, or Traditional Glamour?” – This depends entirely how formal the occasion is, and the wearer’s comfort zone. Go all out and make heads turn in a heavily-embellished gown, or a jaw-dropping Sari; or go elegantly subtle in pastel colours and self-embossed fabric with a less-is-more touch to it. 

Whatever your style, have a Dazzling Diwali and Happening (Hari Raya Haji) Eid.







Designers featured:

Tena Durrani

Sania Maskatiya

Nida Azwer


Fahad Hussayn

Maheen Karim

Shehla Chatoor



About Falak Amaar Khan

Falak Amaar Khan is a member of Team FUCHSIA, heading the Fashion section in her capacity as a fashion designer, stylist and choreographer. As a writer, Falak covers fashion, community and entertainment. This super busy mother of two is working towards supporting a cause through her work. She would also love to integrate more into the Singaporean community, and explore the island in a more realistic manner. Her motto in life? GET ON WITH IT!