FATPAPAS Halal Burgers & Shakes: Restaurant Review

By Sheena Golani
July 10, 2018

FatPapas Halal Burger

FatPapas presents to you, the halalified spinoff of FatBoys. The burger joint is housed in a two-floored shophouse located on 17 Bali Lane, pretty close to Blu Jazz Café,  Sheikh Haikel is the name behind this venture, and he has waited 7 years to realize his dream. He mentioned that the main reason for approaching the FatBoy’s duo was their “Country Fried Chicken Steak”. He wanted to make sure his friends didn’t have to miss out on certain foods due to dietary restrictions.

FatPapas Starters – Fries and Rings

Speciality Fries

The menu offers a wide array of options. A quick glance at the “Speciality Fries” section had us spoilt for choice!

Would you believe that the Parmesan Truffle Fries are just a notch above the basic? We ordered the “Disco Fries” ($7) inspired by Canada’s Poutine Fries. These are thick-cut fries slathered in brown sauce and topped with cheddar cheese. The fries delivered great flavour and we did quite enjoy them. Although, we must confess, a small part of us wished there was a little more brown sauce to … well, smother those fries!

Onion Rings

Do not get me started on those Onion Rings ($8).  These were served in gigantic proportions, thickly sliced – and could aptly be titled ‘The Mother of All Onion Rings’. We loved them. The batter was crispy and well-seasoned. One crunchy bite revealed a super-soft onion inside. It was so easy to bite into – onion rings done to perfection. These were served with good old tangy – sweet BBQ sauce. These were an instant favourite.

onion rings

Speaking of gigantic rings, the Calamari were nothing out of the ordinary. They tasted just as Calamari should and obviously had to be eaten hot in order to enjoy. We would recommend skipping these for the Speciality Fries or Onion Rings any day!

FatPapas Mains – Speciality Burgers and Chicken Boners

Sambal Chilli Chicken Boners

We loved the Sambal Chilli Chicken Boners – a great twist to the ordinary chicken wings. The crust was crunchy, and the rub had just the right amount of spice. This was a definite winner. The Chilli Chicken Boners are also available in a Salted Egg option, which is definitely an acquired taste. If you’re someone who is not too familiar with Singapore flavors, this might not be the choice for you.

sambal chicken

Now let’s move on to the “Speciality Burgers” list – first off, the burgers come with an impressive variety of flavors and dressings! All burgers are served with a side of fries and salad, and all burger patties were cooked ‘well done’.

Bleu Peppercorn Burger ($13)

The Bleu Peppercorn Burger ($13). This was the first burger we tried. The beef patty tasted just right. It was succulently juicy and coated in crushed black pepper. The pepper added a distinct and flavourful pepper hit! The patty was topped with crispy onion rings and covered in homemade blue cheese dressing. This dream burger was served between two lightly-toasted sesame buns. The blue cheese dressing was not overpowering at all. Despite the fact that blue cheese is really an acquired taste, it complimented the spice of the black pepper very well. It was definitely a star on our list.

Bushtucker Burger ($15)

Next came the Bushtucker ($15). This burger is a juicy house-beef blend patty topped with chewy (turkey) bacon, melted aged-cheddar cheese, wild arugula and garlic aioli served between, again, those perfectly toasted sesame buns.

halal burger at fat papas

Now we didn’t just go basic with this one. (As if it wasn’t anything but basic before!), We were informed by our hostess that the Bushtucker is actually a favorite of Sheikh Haikel’s wife – Annabelle. However, she has a few add-ons – Portobello Mushrooms, Jalapenos, and Sundried Tomatoes. Sheikh Haikel has titled this burger as the official Women’s Day Special Burger as a special tribute. (The AWWWW, we know!) We quite enjoyed the smorgasbord of flavors but some of us did feel there was a little too much going on there – perhaps. But then again, maybe it was aptly titled as a Women’s Day Special after all, if you know what we mean 😉

Big Bello ($13)

mushroom burger

Fret not, veggie burger fans, our final burger, the “Big Bello” ($11.80) is just right for you. It was quite a favorite at the table. Grilled Portobello in Balsamic Vinegar, topped with caramelized onions, grilled peppers, pineapple, melted aged-cheddar cheese and smoked chipotle sauce – all that goodness sandwiched between a hone-oat bun.

It’s hard to find a vegetarian burger in Singapore, let alone a good one. However, this burger came as a surprise. The flavors were very pleasing. The Portobello mushroom was cooked to juicy perfection. The Balsamic Vinegar added a hint of sourness to compliment the sweetness from the caramelized onions and pineapple.

Honey Mustard Chicken Kebab ( $16.50)

Our last main was the “Honey Mustard Chicken Kebab” ($16.50). However, this last was definitely not the least as the kebabs tasted juicy, succulent and very tender. These boneless honey mustard chicken fillets were served on an onion pepper skewer with mashed potatoes and veggies.


dessert at fat papas

And to add a fitting finale to the magnificent feast, we indulged in the ever so delectable “Brownie with Ice Cream” ($9) which will have you salivating the moment you lay eyes on it!. Brownie with Ice cream delivers a generously chunky slab of brownie served on a warm plate, with a very generous dollop of vanilla ice cream. This dream dessert was dressed with a hearty drizzling of chocolate and caramel. The first bite takes you straight to Sweetland heaven and leaves you wanting more. We would definitely recommend sharing this offering as it really is way too much for one person to handle.

Overall, we had an incredibly satisfying meal. FatPapas Halal Burger joint delivers top-notch food quality. The offerings are hearty and oh so comforting. However, the cherry on top was the courteous and hospitable staff at FatPapas.  We’re definitely looking forward to another visit soon. Maybe this time, we’ll give the dish that ‘made it all happen’ a try?

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