Father’s Day Gift Ideas By Nadia & Afsheen

May 9, 2015

Father’s day is coming soon next month. Nadia & Afsheen show us some innovative ideas for Father’s Day gifts.

Let’s see what Nadia has come up with.

Afsheen has a special fondness for art and craft and cooking different cuisines, both of which she offers her expertise to FUCHSIA on. With her creative ideas on art & craft, and her culinary skills, Afsheen helps FUCHSIA readers gain confidence in trying new and exciting things themselves at home.

With a degree in Accounting Associates and experience in Interior Designing for a home furnishing retailer, she is all about diversity. She plans to gain more exposure and strength in event planning to bolster her role as partner in MOMENTZ, an event management company. She believes it is important to be a good person, and feeds her love for volunteer work by getting involved at orphanages during Ramadan.

With a background in International Relations and a Finishing School Diploma, Nadia set up Talent Traffickers, an event management company to promote emerging local and international talent.

In addition to being a full-time mom and entrepreneur, she also delves into her love of creative craft with a specialisation in gift-wrapping. Through these hobbies, she strives to bring joy and happiness into people’s lives.


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