By Komal Malik
September 19, 2017

FPW 2017 Fall/Winter was done differently this time. The Fashion Pakistan Council decided to go with the ramp to retail model; this gave an opportunity to consumers to purchase the designs shown on the ramp, the very next day. These collections were not just for the models, celebrities and stylists ; but infact, for the general public, which is absolutely fabulous.

Find out what transpired on Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 of the FPW this season. Was there a Grand Finale and who still reigns as the Fashion Queen or King of  Pakistani Haute Couture?

Misha Lakhani’s Bridals and Formals save the day-Day 1! 

Although Day 1 of FPW was gloomy, low in energy, and offered some very unflattering collections. Misha Lakhani saved the day with her bridal and formal wear. Misha’s collection was elegant, sophisticated, nothing over-the-top, the colour palette was glorious, and the collection boasted a magical, effortless touch to it.

I love the touch of enchantment and allure in Misha Lakhani’s collection. She consistently delivers glamour and class-a star in my books for sure!

Wardha Saleem’s Dholak-Day 2

After the low energy witnessed on Day 1, Wardha Saleem’s collection ‘Dholak’ definitely changed the entire ambience and energy level on Day 2. The collection by the ‘Queen of Colors’ (yes she officially deserves this title ), consisted of traditional, colourful silhouettes for Mehndi brides. Wardha Saleem ruled the ramp, from the performance to the colour palette, to the exceptional gota hand work, kamdaani, embroidery and appliqué details. ‘Dholak’ delivered the complete package-definitely a treat for the crowd. The collection was fun to watch, the models performed a subtle yet playful dance on Lathay Di Chaadar, Mor Tor tille Raana and live Dhol walas stepped on to the ramp treating the audience to the sights, sounds and feel of a perfectly vibrant, festive Mehndi.

The show-stopper for Wardha Saleem was Sana Javed. Dholak was refreshing, colourful and fun!  

Sanam Chaudhri’s Pandora – Day 2

Sanam Chaudhri also upped the game on Day 2 with her collection ‘Pandora’ featuring gorgeous statement pieces. Each outfit was worked with impeccable craftsmanship and detailing. There were cropped-tops layered with beautiful hand-worked jackets, showing off exquisite cut-work detail on sleeves. These were paired with funky, pleated pants. Our personal favourite is the black and gold embroidered Sari, layered with a hand-worked net cropped jacket-the perfect blend of East meets West, while keeping alive the elegance and sophistication of the sari.

Edgy, embroidered coats, striped silhouettes, and practical layers definitely made ‘Pandora’ one of the strongest collections of FPW Day 2. 

Pandora featured  fitness trainer Fatima Zara Mallick (FZM). Fatima, is a celebrity fitness trainer. I believe Sanam chose FZM as her show-stopper, as Fatima is making a difference in the lives of so many women. She is an empowered woman of substance, who is helping other women look, and feel good about themselves. I personally loved Sanam’s choice of featuring FZM and keeping it real. She didn’t go with the usual models and celebrities as her show-stoppers. 

Deepak Perwani’s Sherwanis-Day 2

Deepak was the star of the finale show. To add an edge and sparkle to his collection, DP sprinkled ‘gold dust’ over the alluring brides dressed in deep reds, gold & ivory.

No one does sherwanis like Deepak Perwani, and I must say I fell in love with the ivory sherwani with pearls & a traditional white pagri. The entire look from head-to-toe was perfect. It was simple, sophisticated and very classy. The stitching was impeccable. The shawls for men bearing gold hand-worked intricate motifs were definitely a fashion statement, which I can foresee becoming a trend this wedding season. Deepak Perwani, is the King of men’s couture, without a doubt-No one does Sherwanis like Deepak Perwani.

We love how Deepak’s designs keep evolving, and he truly delivers a fabulous show consistently. 

Tena Durrani’s Bridals-Day 3

Tena opened the show on the 3rd day, showcasing her bridal collection. From the gorgeous motifs and just the right shades of reds, golds, pinks and champagnes; everything was breathtaking.

It was a magical collection, and one of the strongest traditional bridal collections by the super-talented designer.

Image courtesy – Tena Durrani

Maheen Khan’s The Lion  & The Muse-Day 3

Who doesn’t know the living legend of Fashion-Maheen Khan! After her last show for her couture brand ‘Maheen Khan’ in 2014, she came back with a bang this year. Her collection ‘The Lion & The Muse’ was exactly what was needed to raise the bar in the Pakistani Fashion industry once again. 

Maheen Khan is an artist. The patterns, the layers and the edgy silhouettes did not need any embellishments. The Lion and the Muse showed off striped silhouettes and solid colours (grey, black, white and red mostly). The silk, velvet and chiffon fabrics whispered luxury and style. The collection was strong, edgy, practical, modern, classy yet playful; remaining true to the brand ‘Maheen Khan’. The interesting layering of the ivory gharara pants, almost making it look like a gorgeous sari is something that definitely caught everyone’s eye. We can predict how ‘Sarara’ (gharara + sari-that’s what we’re calling it) will be the hot fashion trend this wedding season!

Hasnain Lehri made an impression by walking the ramp wearing a red embroidered statement coat, which we absolutely loved.

Maheen Khan is officially the ‘Queen of Fashion’, or perhaps I’d like to say she is the ‘Leader of Pakistani Fashion’ (making it non-gender specific.) The grand finale was grand indeed, and that is exactly what was needed as a reminder to designers about what Fashion is, in its truest form, which many tend to forget unfortunately.

Sana Safinaz’s Roses & Rue Solo-The Grand Finale after the Grand Finale

The super-talented duo put on a solo show ‘Roses & Rue’, with a jungle-nature themed decor and magical runway.  The outfits were dreamy and the presentation was mesmerising. The 3D embroidery element was incorporated in this collection, which gave an added oomph to the already grand silhouettes. Roses & Rue consisted of stunning 3d gowns, detailed bridal lehengas, fusion wedding wear and refined menswear as well. There were certainly many statement pieces we couldn’t stop looking at. Definitely the way a grand finale should be!

Sana Safinaz delivered an impressive high-end show, consisting of fifty outfits. Kudos to them and the entire team. 

Image courtesy – Movie Shoovy

Forgettable mentions- Obaid Sheikh and Erum Khan

Nothing much to rave about here unfortunately, so we’ll leave it at that!


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