9 Fashion Statements Expected To Go BIG This Summer!

By Dr. Ramsha Hussain
February 26, 2019
3 minutes

New Year-New Me can’t really happen without embracing the new fashion trends on the radar, and at the beginning of 2019, the runways have spoken in favor of eye-catching, bold and standout statements. Vibrant tie-dye prints, ferociously sexy snakeskin patterns, zesty neon hues, and heavily saturated colors all indicate that the fashion radar is dominated with vivacious looks that will entice you to indulge in some intensely adventurous and risqué fashion statements.

Let’s feast our eyes on the fashion trends that are expected to go BIG in 2019:

1. Tie-Dye Returns to the Runway

It was a delightful surprise to see the runways flooded with the chic vibrancy of this free-spirited 60s fashion trend. Tie-dye is back with a bang. Be it winter or summer, it appears to be a girl’s best choice when it comes to flaunting a statement that is lively and colorful. This year, you simply cannot do without a romantically feminine tie-dye maxi dress, and a bold pair of quirky matching separates.

Fashion Radar 2019: 9 Fashion Statements Expected To Go BIG!

2. Ponchos: Breezy & Functional

Ponchos are light under the sun and warm in the shade, and they are the perfect outer wear choice to mark a smooth style transition from winter to spring. Boxy ponchos, quilted camouflages, and cozy statements were all the rage on the runways.

Fashion Radar 2019: 9 Fashion Statements Expected To Go BIG!

3. The Revival of Plaid: Sleek and Edgy

The fabrics that we normally associate with grandpa’s post-retirement coat or back-to-school ensembles have undergone a vivacious revival. Ladies, plaid has lost its schoolgirl prepiness and in 2019, it is a woman’s best pick to adorn a look that is edgy, sleek and dominating. Plaid has been paraded on the runways with a dazzling variety of new colors, print techniques, and even lace makeovers. We strongly urge you to scoop up multiple ensembles in plaid, checks, and tartans to put together a chic work wear wardrobe.

Fashion Radar 2019: 9 Fashion Statements Expected To Go BIG!

4. The Bamboo Invasion

Bamboo bags are an emerging fashion trend that appears to be gaining cult status with their charming earthliness. Be Instagram or Pinterest, bamboo bags are everywhere and come to think of it, these delights are super-functional, given how quickly our precious designer leather bags fall apart after random everyday usage. These are a spectacular sustainable alternative for a Boho statement that is functional and versatile.

Fashion Radar 2019: 9 Fashion Statements Expected To Go BIG!

5. The Snake Print Alternative

The classic leopard print has been shoved aside while the snakeskin print takes center stage with its understated seductiveness. Designers have paraded snakeskin print as a much more charming and exclusive alternative to leopard and other animal skin prints. We strongly urge you to invest in a luxury snakeskin print handbag and a sassy pair of curve-hugging snakeskin pants.

Fashion Radar 2019: 9 Fashion Statements Expected To Go BIG!

6. Zesty Neons

Here’s a sassy trend for the vibrantly animated and attractively lively women: vibrant and zesty neon colors have marked a glamorous return to the runways, and the fashion radar has officially ended its fascination with pastel hues. Needless to say, 2019 is all about boldness and loud notes of glamour, and the faint-hearted needed to embrace the high-spiritedness of exciting neon ensembles.

Fashion Radar 2019: 9 Fashion Statements Expected To Go BIG!

7. Boldly Saturated Color Palettes

The runways for 2019 were a vibrant kaleidoscope of boldly popping and heavily saturated color palettes, and it appears that the fashion radar is obsessing over loud and vivid hues. Come to think of it, a bold and vivacious color statement is the best trick to channel positivity and hit the streets with a strikingly vivacious demeanor. If you normally shy away from bold colors, 2019 is a year to put behind all apprehensions and embrace dark hues like red, burgundy, navy, and gold.

Fashion Radar 2019: 9 Fashion Statements Expected To Go BIG!

8. Flirtatious Florals

When it comes to flaunting your romantic femininity, be it at work or a day out with your partner, florals are just what a gal needs to channel her sweetness with a hint of flirtatious sensuality. This springtime trend is all the rage on the fashion radar, and we spotted an abundance of floral incarnations with a delightful variety of flirty designs and playful statements. This year, get ready to scoop up multiple floral patterns and vibrant spring hues.

Fashion Radar 2019: 9 Fashion Statements Expected To Go BIG!

9. Shine Bright

Sequins are a timeless fashion trend that can simply never go out of style because bling and glitter can be very hard to ignore. Runways for fall and spring were flooded with endless designs featuring subtle beads, bold glitters and blindingly glitzy night-out statements. In 2019, you simply cannot do without a sequined jumpsuit, and if you want to give your nightlife statements a zesty pop of glamour, ladies, it simply doesn’t get better than this!

Fashion Radar 2019: 9 Fashion Statements Expected To Go BIG!

With this fashion radar info, you are all set to shine bright like a diamond! Go with neons, bold colors, snakeskin prints, accessorize them, and live up to the current fashion statements.


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