Fashion Gone Wrong! Men’s Looks

By Falak Amaar Khan
January 20, 2016

2015 was a fashion forward year. While several designs and styles made enormous comebacks, and there was a plethora of creativity and new looks, we noticed that 2015 was also a year in which fashion designers went a little overboard trying to promote ‘men in touch with their feminine side’. The year saw men in saris, fishnet stockings, lehngas and dress-like attire, which is NOT appealing to the opposite gender; if anything, it is a bit disturbing!
Viewer discretion advised, as we go through some of these … interesting … “fashion-forward” declarations.


This combination of polka dots, stripes and mummy’s bed linen, with a belt around the waist for a snug effect, reminds one of old clothes from a few summers back.

I’m pretty sure this model was made to believe this is men’s wear. They really should not have made the poor guy wear that pretty jacket on top of those denim shorts and a mismatched sock just because the female model had called in sick.

Taking the ‘HIS’ and ‘HERS’ matching to a different level!

A public appearance with no shirt and a Ruppee Haar (necklace) with empty henna cones in your turban? Something tells me the bride’s family won’t be too pleased.

Okay, so when they do get it right with the clothes, they decide to mess it up by placing a … strange looking … turban/hat/can’t figure-out-what-that-is on the model’s head! Is he holding a real chicken?

A churidar pajama paired with a sherwani and pleated frock inner.
A Laura-Ashley-inspired waistcoat.
What looks like perhaps a ladies shirt.
And a very strange-looking cropped jacket. 

All of the above explain the “I can’t believe I’m doing this” look on the model’s face.

Is that a blouse and a sari? Now I have seen everything!

Alright, so we know you think it’s funny, but please return your bhabi’s mehndi dupatta before she gets late for her event!

If your eyes do make it to the bottom of the picture after absorbing the explosion of colour, please don’t miss out the striking shoes.

OMG! I swear a girlfriend and I wore these last Eid; these were really the in-thing. We also carried them off better than the men.

Nothing beats a good buy-one-get-one-free, but really you should have let the lady try it on instead.

At this point, I would like to quote an FB user’s comment on this outfit: “When you are running late for prayers and the only thing ironed and ready to wear is your wife’s Peshwaz and churidaar pajama!”… I mean, really??!

So that we could easily count the pleats on this model’s shalwar without getting distracted by the head piece.

Desperate measures! That’s all that I can justify this look with.

So, ladies and gentlemen, if you survived from the start to the end of this article, we look forward to what the designers are busy producing for 2016, and hope to amuse you with some new and breathtaking men’s fashion. We too hope that the looks for this year are more realistic and truly wearable.

All pictures in this article were extracted from various designers’ official and unofficial Facebook pages.


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Falak Amaar Khan is a member of Team FUCHSIA, heading the Fashion section in her capacity as a fashion designer, stylist and choreographer. As a writer, Falak covers fashion, community and entertainment. This super busy mother of two is working towards supporting a cause through her work. She would also love to integrate more into the Singaporean community, and explore the island in a more realistic manner. Her motto in life? GET ON WITH IT!