Product Review – Huda Beauty and Farsali

By Falak Amaar Khan
November 16, 2018

Huda Beauty’s Overacheiver Concealer and Farsali’s Jelly Beam Illuminator


The newest makeup products are hitting makeup store shelves this season! As you walk into Sephora, new makeup products sit on free trial counters, special displays, with shiny new packaging and fancier names! If anything, the names themselves promise instant glows, translucent appearance and younger looking skin in a matter of minutes! But are they really as hot as they claim to be? Find out what works for you and what doesn’t, before you splurge on some of the hottest products off the shelves! Our product review will show you how to use the product, and whether it actually delivers what it promises!

Click on the video link below to watch full product review. It’s a 5 minute watch and well worth the time and money you plan to spend on the newest makeup range in stores!

FUCHSIA’S VANITY BOX brings you a product review of two new products – Jelly Beam Illuminator by FARSALI and The Overachiever Concealer by Huda Beauty!

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