Eye-shadow Brushes For Medium-Sized and Large Eyes

By Samina Malik
March 22, 2016

Eye-shadow Brushes For Medium-Sized and Large Eyes



Does your eye shadow make you look like you have a bruised eye?


Do you find that no matter how often you try that smoky-eye look, it looks anything but smoky?!



The reason is you are probably not using the right makeup BRUSHES. Oh yes; that perfect brush can bring your eye-shadow game up to a whole new level! Once you figure out which type of brushes are right for you, your eye-shadow application will be dramatically different. Ah ha! Honey, you need to pay attention to this because your world is about to change!


We need to use brushes that are perfect for our eyes, and since we all possess different eye shapes and sizes. 

FUCHSIA is here!  Here we go …


A few weeks ago, we showed you smaller, sexy-eyed beauties how to maneuver your make-up brushes. Today, it is time for you ladies with big beautiful eyes to pay attention. Do refer to the diagram below as you read this awesome guide!


FUCHSIA Recommends: When shopping for brushes, try to find brushes as close to the images given in the article as you can. SIZE and SHAPE does matter.

Brush #1: Crease Brush.

This brush is to be used on Position #1, the crease of the eye.

Why Use Brush #1 or Position #1?

The brush is small with firm bristles to use in the crease of your eye, to help define the shape of your eye. Made of pony hair, this brush will apply an even layer of color. Stick to matt, medium-dark shades for more definition. Defining your crease is paramount to a good clean look.

How to Use Brush #1?

Dip the brush into the eye shadow. Start from the center of your crease, which is where your eye folds. Place the brush into the crease and feel the eye socket; you are going to be applying this in back and forth left to right motions. Stick mostly to the natural shape of your eye and don’t extend it further.

Brush #2: Eyelid Brush.

This brush is to be used on Position #2, the eyelids.

Why Use Brush #2 on Position #2?

This brush is the perfect size for your lids; neither too big nor too small for your eyes.It is the best size to apply eye shadow on the eyelid. With its medium-firm brush, made of pony hair, it picks up a good amount of color on the brush to deposit onto your lid.

How to Use Brush #2?

Simply dip the brush into the color and pat-pat-pat on to the entire lid, making sure you keep a uniform application. Don’t haphazardly apply the eye shadow, here and there!

Brush #3: Eye Shadow brush.

This brush is to be used on Position #3, the inner corner of the eye.

Why Use Brush #3 on Position #3?

This brush’s firm head is perfect for highlighting the small inner corner of the eye.

How to Use Brush #3?

Dip the brush into the highlight shade, and using the point of the brush, apply onto the inner lower lash line, and also into the hollow of the inner eyes. You can also use this under your eyes to apply eye shadow and create more drama!

Brush #4: Large Eye Shadow Brush.

This brush is meant to be used on Position #4, the brow bone.

Why Use Brush #4 on Position #4?

This brush has a large fluffy head, which makes its deposits light enough to be just the right amount of highlight to open up the eyes and define those arched brow bones!

How to Use Brush #4?

Just simply dab into the eye shadow/highlight color and apply it straight under the arch of your brow, then back again. Swipe it from inner brow up to the arch again. Reapply, patting just under your arch, to intensify it and give your eye a ‘lift’. Done!

Brush #5: Blending Brush.

This brush is to be used on Position #5, the area between the brow bone and the lid proper. 

Why Use Brush #5 on Position #5?

This brush will help your eye shadow look like a masterpiece even if it started off as a car crash! Oh YES! The key, my darlings, ALWAYS is to make sure your eye shadow look well blended. This brush will help you achieve that.

How to Use Brush #5?

Once you have applied your crease color with Brush #1, eyelid shadow with Brush #2, and brow highlight with Brush #4, this is the brush to use to blend it all together. Think J-Lo and her seamless eye shadow looks; her eye shadow never has a harsh edge, and that is all thanks to the awesome blending job her makeup artist does. First, go back-and-forth along your crease color to ensure it looks smooth and soft. Then, soften the highlight shade under your brows by swiping back and forth along and under your brows.

Voila! You’re done!

Sistahs with medium-sized and large eyes, you now know exactly which brushes to buy and use, so no excuses for messy looking eye shadow application, ya! For the small, sexy-eyed darlings, look up The Best Brush Guide EVER – For Small Eyes which we published a couple of weeks ago. http://fuchsiamagazine.com/the-most-useful-brush-guide-ever/

Stay tuned for more from me on make-up, with the next feature talking about …. Aha! That will be telling 😉

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