Dreamworld Resort – One of The Best Family Resorts in Pakistan

By Amna Haq
January 21, 2018

FUCHSIA visited the spectacular family resort – Dreamworld on the 19th of July with hearts full of expectations – and we were not disappointed in the least. The resort is extremely huge and offers a plethora of fun activities.

Before we get into the thrilling details, here are 5 things we absolutely loved about this resort:

  1. It is extremely well-maintained, hygienic and clean
  2. The staff are friendly, welcoming and professional
  3. In addition to that, the large number of females working in such a safe, lucrative environment shows the progressive work ethic of the people behind Dreamworld
  4. There are more than 200 exciting sports and activities to keep you on your toes
  5. It is the perfect location for a Family Day Out!

Dreamworld is primarily famous for its soaring waterslides but upon our visit, we realized that it offers so much more. A day is not enough to try out everything there, so we decided to rave about our favorite must-try activities at Dreamworld. Get your dear ones along and brace yourselves for an all-round, fantastic experience.

1. Fast And Furious: The Pakistan Edition!

Go-Karting is always fun as you meander your way through all those twists and turns. Dreamworld takes that fun a notch higher with their Rove Racer Go-Karts. These Go-Karts are well-equipped and well-maintained, providing you with all the entertainment and thrill that you need on a fun day-out!

2. “Giddyap Giddyap!”

Dreamworld has a collection of beautiful, muscular horses in its stables. The field is huge, adding to the sense of elation as your blood rushes, riding and pulling at the horses giving you an instant high. This is one sport you don’t want to miss! Look out for a horse named ‘Rani’ who has borne many of the other horses!

3. Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Gently Down The Dream!

If you are looking to relax under the clear-blue sky, Dreamworld houses one of the biggest boating lakes in Pakistan! Paddle your way through the serene expanse of endless waters as a safe and pleasant environment surrounds you. Dreamworld presents an impressive array of rowing boats and paddle boats to help you enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience on the waters.

4. Strike One, You’re Out!

Who doesn’t enjoy the thrill of a perfect strike to see all ten pins collapse in a heap! Dreamworld offers a spacious bowling alley with 6 Brunswick lanes where you can up your bowling game and compete with friends and family in an intense bowling competition.

5. Bringing Some Dubai To Karachi, With A Desert Safari!

Desert Safari is a stunning trip across an artificial length of hilly stretch. This ride is an absolute adventure! Kicking off dust as you pick up speed, the grinding engine sound effects, and the adrenaline of speeding around in an artificial desert with the feel of a remote, mysterious place is unmatched. (Do note that you would need to wear helmets before you sit on the All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) and are allowed to drive only if you have a license to maintain safety.)

Now that you know which 5 enthralling sports you cannot miss at Dreamworld, let us give you 2 things to do to end your day before you head home!

1. “Yaar, Meri Taangein Thak Gayeen!”

After a long, fun-filled day of adventure and laughter, you might want to relax and make all the stress and fatigue go away. Head towards the massage area in Dreamworld for a wonderfully relaxing mind and body massage! Team FUCHSIA didn’t want to get off those massage chairs once we were on, as the massage was incredibly calming and comforting!

2. Hunger Hunger, Find Me A Diner!

The one and only option for food at Dreamworld is Café Lagoon. While the food was good, it wasn’t great – not the best end to a terrific day. We weren’t impressed with the lack of variety and options in their menu. Dreamworld might consider adding food and drink stalls within the resort, placed intermittently for the ease of visitors who have to walk extensively (200 rides and lots of walking – a man’s gotta eat!)

Dreamworld may be far as it’s located outside of the city but we thoroughly enjoyed our time there and highly recommend it for a day out. The walk from one spot to another may be long but it adds to the anticipation of each ride.

Check out all the fun Team FUCHSIA had in our visit to Dreamworld.
Don’t waste a day! Pack your bags and plan your visit NOW! For more information just click dreamworld.pk


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