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By Anila Azim
July 2, 2015


Every Saturday


Hum Sitaray

Dooriyan (distances) is the story of a young boy, Faizaan, who gets caught up in a difficult and confusing relationship with his father after his parents’ divorce. Faizaan’s mother’s rocky relationship with his father has deprived him of his love.

The screenplay is very well written by the talented Umera Ahmed, keeping in mind the rising divorce rates in Pakistan. Her story highlights the effects of divorce on children, along with the difficult psychological mind games they are put through, in dealing with their separated parents. In the midst of a divorce, the children’s needs and lives are often sidelined, when they might end up having the biggest impact.

Dooriyan holds a strong star cast with names like Faisal Rehman, Iffat Omar, Sabreen Hisbani, Azra Aftab, Kashif Mehmood, Ali Tahir, Agha Ghalib, Hiba Aziz and Imran Ahmed in main leads. The high quality of acting and direction takes audiences back to the golden days of dramas like Tanhaiyan and Ankahee.Directed by Kashif Nisar under Larachi Entertainment, Dooriyan has a beautiful soundtrack written by Asim Raza and performed by Bina Khan and Mujtaba Ali.

On our list, Dooriyan is a must-watch: well-directed, timely, relevant and well-performed. Don’t miss it.


Every Saturday



Mol (worth/value) is a drama about the worth of relationships in a person’s life. It is a love story that involves deception, sorrow and misapprehensions.

Writer Amna Mufti has tried to bring emphasis to the common Pakistani phenomenon of marriage within the family. Mol shows how the young, innocent and likable Sajjal (Seema Sehar) is betrothed, so to speak, to her cousin at birth. This cousin, Daniyal, who is 15 years older than her, takes form in her mind of her soulmate, her partner, her husband. Lo and behold – her fiancé decides to marry someone else, bringing Sajjal’s 20-year wait to a cruel end. What will become of Sajjal’s life now? Will she give someone else Daniyal’s place, or in a huge twist, will Daniyal’s parents convince him to take her on as his second wife for the sake of reputation and pride.

Mol hosts the young, good looking and talented Faisal Quereshi, Naveen Waqar and Seema Sehar as lead characters, with Nadeem Baig, Ismat Zaidi, Adnan Jaffer and Munnawar Saeed supporting them. Faisal has high hopes and is very excited about this drama, being his comeback on HUM TV. Directed  by  Ilyas Kashmiri under Momina Duraid’s production, Mol is looking, right now, like any other drama with an ordinary storyline, and nothing fresh or creative to offer. That being said, Faisal Qureshi fans will thoroughly enjoy his portrayal of Shehriyar Hassan.

An okay time-pass. Don’t get too worked up about watching it.


Agar Ho Sakay Tou

Every Saturday


Urdu 1

Sunita Marshall has made her comeback on Pakistani television with Agar Ho Sakay To, opposite Jibran Syed. A seriously intense, rona dhona drama serial, Agar Ho Sakay Tou is also honest and legitimate, showcasing heartache and confusion in love.

It tells the story of a small and loving family which is struggling financially but finds its strength in unconditional love, trust and happiness with one another. When Jibran loses his job, the lives of this family take an unexpected turn. His ego is hurt, and he is unable to deal with his wife sharing the breadwinning responsibility; he chooses to leave his wife and son rather than share a roof which she is paying for with her salary. 

This drama is written in a manner that makes it very relatable, touching the hearts of the audience. It highlights the strength of a woman, who in times of need, can indeed, be more than a homemaker, a mother, a daughter; she can help the home flourish and be a source of financial support. However, in our male-dominated society, this becomes a matter of bruised egos and hurt pride.

Directed by Amin Iqbal, Agar Ho Sakay Tou is a slightly sad and disheartening drama serial with a good storyline and flawless acting. It would make for a good time-pass.

Kitna Satatay Ho

Every Sunday



Kitna Satatay Ho has a big star cast of Adnan Siddiqui, Arij Fatyma, Rubina Ashraf, Usman Peerzada, Kiran Tabeer and Junaid Akhtar in lead roles. It is strange to see the charismatic Adnan Siddiqui as a wicked, mischievous, chichora playboy character, which, at his age, and for an actor of his caliber, seemed somewhat out of place; almost an eyesore to sit through. As for Arij Fatyma, one wonders why she is taking on B-grade roles that do not achieve her potential of the fine, talented actress that she is.

Kitna Satatay Ho is the typical, commonplace story of households where sisters-in-law hate each other, and are constantly on the lookout for ways to damage each other. A serial containing the themes of family politics and green, Kitna Satatay Ho, written by Fasih Bari Khan under the direction of Mazhar Moin, can be given a miss for sure.


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