Drama Gup

By Anila Azim
April 7, 2015

Drama Gup 

Shert (Every Friday on Urdu 1)

Shert (a bet), as the name suggests, is a serial with a storyline based on a bet made between best friends to test the existence of true love, loyalty and faith in today’s world of materialism. A very interesting and easy-to-relate-to serial, Shert is written by Irfan Mughal and has a magnificent star cast which includes Aisha Khan, Jibran Syed, Danish Taimoor and Nida Khan in lead roles.

It is the story of 4 university friends who fall in love and marry the ‘wrong soulmates’. How nonchalant, materialistic and fake their lives become is the central theme, with progression showing how they help each other in difficult times, helping each other see their mistakes and superficiality. Ayesha Khan and Nida Khan have both done brilliantly as Moomal and Afroze, the backbone characters of the drama. Moomal’s character simply lights up the screen with her presence. In contrast, Jibran’s performances feel surprisingly forced, considering the good actor that he is.

Shert is directed by Shaqielle Khan under Momina Duraid’s production. The OST is sung by Aeliya Waqar. Every minute spent watching Shert is well spent – a must-watch on FUCHSIA’s list.


Jugnoo (Every Friday on Hum TV)

Yumna Zaidi has gained immense popularity in a very short span of time due to her magnificent acting skills in roles played in serials like Aap Ki Kaneez, Mausam etc. She is proving to be a fine talent with good looks. Drama serial Jugnoo contains another one of Yumna’s good performances. In it she plays the main character of an innocent day-dreaming chulbuli girl of a family facing poverty.

Jugnoo has only one dream – to marry a rich prince, thinking that is the answer to all her worries and problems. Little does she know that not everyone is as honest and simple as she is, and she ends up marrying a complete fraud. As she has nowhere to go, she has no choice but to live with him when she discovers his truth. Will the man of Jugnoo’s dreams find her and rescue her, or will she be fated for a continuous struggle of hardships?

Jugnoo is written by Amna Mufti and directed by Farooq Rind under Momina Duraid’s production. The rest of the cast includes Zahid, Rehan Sheikh, Ismat Zaidi, Leyla Zubairi, Saad Azhar, Saman Ansari, Hina Mahvish and Humera Bano. The pairing of Yumna and Zahid is icing on the cake as they are perfect in their roles, living up to the characters and looking great together. Jugnoo is a serial with a difference; it is uniquely light-hearted and simple in its story related by a great script and superb acting. It also has a charming OST sung by Sahir Ali Bagga. Another must watch on our list.

Kaanch Ki Gurya (Every Monday on GEO)

Kaanch ki Guriya is a story of betrayal, greed, poverty and love – a depressing story of Gurya (Yumna), who has lived a difficult life after the death of her parents, as an orphan in her aunt’s home. Gurya chances upon her grandfather, a wealthy businessman also running welfare hospitals and orphanages. The irony is that he is unaware that his own daughter died of cancer and has left behind an orphan grandchild of his.

Gurya is filled with bitterness and anger towards her grandfather, as she blames him for what her parents went through and what she is now going through. Fate has interesting plans for her, and she ends up marrying into the very home her mother had once chosen to leave for love. What will Gurya do now? She can live by her grandfather’s rules like a princess, or she can go back to her life of poverty and endless struggle, but with freedom of choice.

Kaanch ki Gurya holds a big star cast with names like Qavi Khan, Yumna Zaidi, Sami Khan, Zainab Qayum, Sundas Tariq, Behroze Sabzwari and Hina Bayat. The script is written by Faiza Iftikhar, directed by Nadeem Siddiqui. It is an average but depressing serial with nothing special to offer – can be given a miss.

Maryam (Every Tuesday on GEO)

It looks like doing title serials is the next in-thing these days, first with Bushra and now with Maryam. Maryam is a young, bold, happy and confident girl who falls in love with the most eligible businessman bachelor in town, Amaan. Sadly, life isn’t the bed of roses it seems from outside.

Maryam understands this soon after she steps into Firdous Begum’s household as the bari bahu of the family. Will Maryam be able to handle her in-laws, who don’t seem to take much of a liking to her? How will she handle their manipulation of her naïve husband, who trusts every word they say?

The star cast includes Faisal Qureshi, Mawra Hocain, Uzma Gilani, Kamran Jilani, and Alyy Khan in main leads. Sadly, it is the typical saas-bahu warfare that is quite unoriginal and uninteresting in this day and age. Written by Kishore Asmat under Syed Ali Raza Usama’s direction, Maryam can be given a miss as you won’t be missing out on much.


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