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By Anila Azim
June 8, 2015

Anaya Tumhari Hui

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Rubab Hashmi has quite a number of good serials under her belt, Anaya Tumhari Hui being one of them. The story of this drama revolves around young, shy and innocent Anaya (Rubab), who was engaged to her auntie’s son, Sarim (Sami Khan), when she was a little girl.

Little does Anaya know the complete fraud that her American-national fiancé really is. Agreeing to marry Anaya for the position as the precious little daughter of a wealthy businessman, Sarim is in it for the gold.

This drama serial is a complete family drama – you will find love, hatred, betrayal, duplicity and family politics. Writer Saima Akram Chaudhry has tried to highlight that in today’s deceitful and materialistic world where everyone is selfish, self-centered and money-minded, one needs to be careful even with blood relations. (Although, this seems a lesson all Pakistanis already seem to know.) The star cast of Rubab Hashmi, Sami Khan, Naila Jaffery, Hassan Niazi and Rabia Abid Ali adds to the attraction of this serial. Rabia Abid Ali’s character as Barri Aapa deserves special commendation in terms of performance. Sami Khan, on the other hand, is unable to do justice to the role of villain. We are unable to place whether this is because of his performance, or simply because we are not used to seeing him as anything less than a hero.

The Serial is directed by Syed Wajahat Hussain under A & B Production House. The OST Ranjha Mera Ranjha is gaining immense popularity due to its captivating composition and beautifully worded lyrics. Anaya Tumhari Hui is relatable and come with a strong message. A must watch on our list.


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Although Armeena Rana Khan has been seen in various drama serials like Ishq Parast and Mohabbat Ab Nahin Hogee, she took the nation by storm with her jaw-dropping appearance in the promotion of Momina Duraid’s upcoming film Bin Roye. Her latest drama serial Karb sees her opposite the fine-looking Adnan Siddiqui. The gorgeous star cast is what makes this serial. Armeena Khan’s acting skills have improved tremendously in a short span of time, and she suits her chulbuli, bubbly and sparkling character of Haania perfectly.

Karb is a story of love, deception, a materialistic society and misunderstandings between married couples. Haania is a spoilt and stubborn girl who has been given the liberty of doing as she pleases by her parents. She does not have knowledge of how to exist within a joint family system, having lived in a nuclear family her whole life. Growing up seeing her father fulfill her mother’s every whim and desire, Haania is in for a reality check that not all men are protective and caring towards their wives.

Karb is written by Rahat Jabeen, with a focus on a very serious and common societal issue facing our current generation. Kudos to Director-Producer Amna Nawaz Khan on making the entire team perform brilliantly. Karb has a charming OST sung gracefully by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan under Saher Ali Bagga Composition, Another must watch on our list.

Surkh Jora

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Hum Sitaray

As the name indicates, Surkh Jora (red dress), which is commonly associated as the wedding dress, is a serial about newlyweds Abiha and Romaan. Abiha (Soniya Hussain), a very simple girl from a conservative household, was under the impression that marriage will free her from her restrictions. Unfortunately, her husband, Romaan (Azfar Rehman), has been betrayed in love before, and now thinks all girls are deceitful liars.

As such, Abiha goes from her restrictive household into the home of a sick, over-protective, disrespectful and conniving husband who suspiciously controls her every move, from the people she talks to the clothes she wear. Will Abiha’s love, honestly and purity of heart be able to change Romaan’s extreme perspective? Will his faith be restored to a level where he will respect and trust her? Or is she stuck in this torture of a life with a mentally insecure and unpredictable husband?

Surkh Jora stars Soniya Hussain, Azfar Rehman, Laila Zuberi, Naila Jaffery, Irfan Khoosat, Tipu Sharif, Sabahat Bukhari and Nadia Afghan. The serial is written by Uzma Kamran, directed by Syed Mohammad Khurram and produced by Fayaz Idrees. It is an interesting drama with a difference. While it is a depressing for sure, it has a relatable storyline and magnificent performances by the leads; worth a watch by FUCHSIA standards.

Miss U Kabhi Kabhi

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Hum Sitaray

This drama serial is as different, interesting and fresh as its name suggests! The cute and hot couple of 2009 hit serial Kaisa Yeh Junoon, Ayesha Omer and Azfar Rehman, re-unite after many years as lovebirds in a unique storyline of love, denial, compromise and regret.

The story of Miss U Kabhi Kabhi revolves around Aruna (Ayesha) and Zohaib (Azfar) who are best friends, neighbours and engaged-to-be-married. However, Azfar’s flirty and non-serious nature forces Aruna to re-think this entire arrangement, and this is when Asar (Noor Hasan), a decent, educated, cultured and very handsome college friend starts taking special interest in her.

Writer Irfan Ahmed is highlighting the fact that respect, love, honesty and loyalty is very important in making any relationship work; taking relationships for granted will eventually end up in heartache, break ups and regret. In spite of their love for each other, Zohaid and Aruna are unable to get past their egos, and end up with remorse and unhappiness.

Directed and produced by the very talented Misbah Khalid, Miss You Kabhi Kabhi is a refreshing change from the typical serious and depressing drama serial. It is a nice, light-hearted serial with beautiful scenery and backdrops of Islamabad, and an amazing OST sung in the mesmeric voice of Nimrah and Waseem Niaz. It is an hour well spent on Friday evenings.


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