Don’t Throw Away those Lipsticks: Makeup Hacks for Brand New Lip Colors!

By Sabina Munshi
November 5, 2018

DIY Lip Colors – YES You Can, with our Makeup Hacks!

DIY Lip Colors, Makeup Hacks, Lipsticks
Makeup Hacks for Brand New Lip Colors

Do any of you use your traditional stick lipsticks anymore? I have tons of them and don’t seem to be using them at all. What do I do with them? Well here is my secret to lipsticks I don’t use.

Absolutely love this hack!

So here is how I made my very own lip palettes!

I finally decided to do something about all the lipsticks that had not been put to good use in AGES. The whole process took a while but the end result was so worth it!

Step 1:

I collected all my lipsticks and I made it a point to add some lip balms too. I split them into 2 categories – lighter shades for one pan and darker shades for the other.

Makeup hacks, DIY lip colors, lipsticks
Collect all your old lipsticks and add some lip balms too.

Step 2:

I extracted all the lipsticks from their tubes. Some slid off with no difficulty but the others with a more creamy texture got messy. Consider yourself warned!

Lipsticks, DIY Lip Colors, Makeup Hacks
Extract all the lipsticks from their tubes – Messy business that – Consider yourself warned!

Step 3:

This is the fun part. Mash them all up until all the colors are well-combined and all the different formulas are emulsified. Use a flat edge tool to even-out the top and make sure the creamy texture is well set in the pan. If you]re unsure about the setting time then pop it in the fridge overnight.

DOIY Lip Colors, Makeup Hacks, Lipsticks
The fun part – Mash them all up till all the colors are well-combined.

Step 4:

Apply shades from your new lip palettes with a lip brush. You can also use these as a top-coat over liquid lipsticks that leave your lips dry.

DIY Lip colors, Lipsticks, Makeup Hacks
And Voila! Apply your brand new lip colors and enjoy.

I absolutely love this hack and had so much fun doing it. Let me know if you try it out!

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