By Falak Amaar Khan
July 2, 2015
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Denim, regardless of cut, colour or style, is considered a no-brainer!

Recently, however, new rules guarding the wearing of this age-old fabric have come about; not to mention the previously-ostracised no-no’s which have become a common sight rocking the runways!

Now, who doesn’t love throwing on a cotton top or a Polo-Tee with a basic pair of jeans … and mind you, there is always a favourite pair, isn’t there? So, it’s high time we step up and embrace new trends in wearing this versatile fabric, apart from jeans and the occasional jacket – let’s diversify our denim.

Denim Top with Printed Trousers.

Pair this chic cropped-top with straight-cut printed trousers. If you aren’t a big fan of sleeveless tops, throw on a white denim jacket or a bright-coloured scarf for a summer-y look.

Oooh wait – did we just recommend denim-with-denim? Yeap, you read it right. Once upon a time, this was not the thing to do, but now, it is everywhere, and we are just loving it.

Denim Skirt and Ways to Flaunt It.

A denim skirt can be a bit tricky to pull off, if the top doesn’t do something right for it. We have brightened up this low-key item by pairing it with a bright-coloured or floral-print top. Again, white with denim always looks casual, but is the safest bet.

Denim & Leather Go Together

Whether as a leather-jacket-and-jeans, a denim-top-and-leather-jeans or denim-with-leather-accessories-or-shoes, this look is cool and casual.

Here, we have paired faded bootleg jeans with a tan shredded leather waistcoat, and also managed to reverse the look pairing a classic denim jacket with a black leather skirt.

Denim Shirts, The Tricky Ones…

Denim shirts have made appearances in shops intermittently, but are rarely seen to be carried off too well; apart, maybe, from being casually paired with white shorts. Frankly speaking, that is just not everybody’s cup of tea. So, here’s one way you could wear a denim shirt – either tucked in, or front knotted on top of a skirt for a chic Boho look.

Denim Dresses.

These are a hot favourite paired with a printed kimono, a colourful scarf, or just on their own.

White or Black Denim

This is another trend which is cool, comfortable and can be taken from day to night with a bit of jazzing up. We have paired a white denim jacket with white cigarette jeans and broken the monotony by adding a pinstriped cropped-top. A smart day-wear which can transformed into an evening look with a pair of hoops, studded heels and a bright lippy.

If it is too hot for a jacket, you can choose instead to pair the jeans with a funky top.

The Original Sin – Jeans.

Not all jeans suit or fit every body type, and the wrong kind can make your hips look wide, or your legs look really short. Buying the right pair of jeans can, therefore, be a life-changing experience!

Jeans for the Pear-Shaped You

If you have wide hips and thighs, opt for a mid-rise, slim bootleg. This will elongate your legs and flatter your shape.

Jeans for an Apple-Shaped You

If you are heavier around the middle of your body, wear cigarette jeans for a straight cut look which will draw the attention away from the problem area, and emphasise your assets. Avoid super skinny jeans.

Jeans for a Curvy, Full You

Ladies with a curvy figure must carefully pick a pair that will create a slimming effect in all the right places. Something with a bit of elasticity is a good choice, and of course, the darker the better! You can get away with skinny jeans, but make sure to check if the store does jeans marked ‘Curvy’.

Jeans for a Petite You

You petite creature, you can get away with just about any cut. That being said, do make sure the jeans elongate your legs and add height. Wedged heels could also do the trick. Avoid anything too baggy.


– The darker the denim, the smarter it looks!

– White and brown almost always go with any shade of   denim….almost always!

– Denim-with-denim has made a comeback, but please be careful that it neither gets too drab nor too contrasting.   The trick is to add a filler which will mute the contrast and   make it appear carefully picked-and-paired.

– Be mindful of the climate you live in while buying your    denim: not all denim is cotton!

Have fun diversifying your denim!






All pictures were sourced from the Zara website at www.zara.com in June 2015.



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