By Falak Amaar Khan
March 29, 2019
3 minutes

When you really fancy authentic Chinese food, there aren’t that many Halal Options in Singapore especially for people like me who love it but cant find an alternative to the ones only in extremely busy tea houses which hold many other sights and smells that might put me off my food. Yes I am a reluctant foodie. One that likes food that doesn’t smell too strong or doesn’t contain graphic images of fish heads or octopus tentacles. So basically my options are limited by authenticity, halal certification and a clean atmosphere.
And after searching high and low, I found a hidden gem in Singapore called “The DIM SUM Place”. Situated on the corner of North Bridge Road and packed with customers at all hours, we suggest you call them or go online to make a reservation.
And here is what I have to say about the food and why this place is so popular.


Well you can’t go for Dim Sum and not have dumplings. As excited as I was to try out this best seller, I have to say as tasty as they were, they certainly aren’t the best ones I have had in Singapore. They are too big to pop into your mouth at once and the shrimp and vegetables are minced into this big fat lump. Only if they were smaller and the filling was lighter they would have been just perfect.

crystal shrimp dumplings, halal chinese, dim sum singapore


This was delicious. Just the right amount of sweetness with a spicy kick without being over powering. The chicken was tender inside and crispy outside. The presentation was spot on and it looked mouthwatering good. Must try!

sweet and spicy chicken, dim sum chinese halal,


Steamed to perfection and tossed in a flavourful sauce made this the perfect crunchy side dish. Or a palette cleanser in between dishes.

broccoli & carrots, dim sum, chinese food, halal chinese


Before you assume I tried this, let me be honest. A fellow customer seated on a table very close to mine had ordered this dish I would not order in a million years and described it as “the best Salted Fish Skin ever!” So its crispy, it’s fried and it’s full of protein and Omega 3 so it’s healthy too. He really enjoyed it so it it’s your thing, go for it.

salted fish skin, dim sum, chinese halal, singapore


Just as the name suggests, these were noodles topped with shredded chicken, Served with condiments to add spice and Soy sauce to your liking along with a mushroom and a small side of greens. If you want to eat here and opt for a safe yet filling dish, this is for you.

shredded chicken noodles, dim sum, chinese halal, singapore chinese food


It was a pleasant surprise as we cautiously dug our chopsticks in to try this dish. It was delicious.
The vermicelli wrap was light and the shrimp was cooked to perfection. The dish was placed on Soy sauce and topped with spring onions which made it hearty, filling and flavourful dish. It comes with several other fillings options too like mixed seafood, fried prawns or roasted duck.

vermicelli rolls with shrimp, dim sum singapore, halal chinese


This open-faced dumpling is stuffed with steamed minced chicken and shrimps, it’s not only mouthwatering to look at, it’s hearty, flavourful comfort food! Highly recommend it.

steamed chicken siew mai with prawns, dim sum singapore, halal chinese


From fresh Juices to soft drinks to local iced teas, there is a wide variety of thirst quenching drinks on the menu.

All in all, it’s a nice, clean place to eat. There were friends hanging out, couples enjoying a quiet meal as well as families with children. There is ample seating inside and outside and the staff is friendly. We will keep going back for more and we suggest you try it out.
791 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198759
Tel : 65 6655 8787 (for reservations)


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