Out And About : Delhi Fish House

January 3, 2019
1 minute

Have you tried this Fish in Karachi? – OUT & ABOUT TOWN WITH FUCHSIA

On the lookout for the best Fish in Karachi! When it’s fish you want, the search can be tricky. From Hyderabad to Karachi, fish sellers are keen to bag customers and sell fish in the most popularly devoured fresh Jheengay (prawns) and Pomfret,  But when eating at home is not an option, we step out to try freshly fried fish in the market. Our ‘Out & About Town’ Team came upon the very famous Dehli Fish House in Karachi. This eatery is located in Dehli Colony, and upon recommendation from a friend, we decided to pay them a visit. Were we disappointed? Find out what happens as Farah, Sufyan, Rabia and Munsub try out the fried crispy and masala fish and prawns.

What will Farah add to the fish? Which condiment did Rabia like best and did Munsub actually get to try some? Do we recommend this very ‘Fishy’ place to our readers? Watch the video or click here to find out more!


Find out if you should be visiting this restaurant for Handi Chicken in Karachi, or whether Chapli Kebabs at home are a better option. Chops might be on the menu too!




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