Craving Burritos? Burridos Is Your Best Option!

By Dr. Ramsha Hussain
February 6, 2019
2 minutes

Living in Karachi is an extreme kind of thing, you will hear about a new food joint opening around the corner, almost every single day. We call it extreme because you literally have to subdue your cravings to keep your health in check. Occasionally, you hear about some exotic new eatery and the task of controlling your cravings becomes increasingly difficult. The same thing happened to us when we heard about Burridos – a twist to traditional Mexican burritos to bring the ultimate experience of blissful dining to the table. After hearing a lot about this cozy setup, we decided to skip breakfast in anticipation of some finger lickin’ (hopefully) Mexican food.

It hardly took us five minutes to reach the spot and forty minutes to decide what to order (predictable!). After all the selfies, debates, arguments, and counter -arguments, we decided to take some expert advice and asked the servers about their special Chimichangas, Burritos, and Fries!

The menu offered a promising spread – it was probably this variety that had us locked in pre-order dilemma! But boy were we wrong that Burridos is all about burritos.. There were drinks, shakes, appetizers, Chimichangas and multiple other options to choose from! Here is our experience from what we ordered to help you discover what rocked and what didn’t at Burridos.

Masala Fries & Chicken Chili Bomber Was A Hit!

We ordered the Masala Fries and Chicken Chili Bombers from the appetizer section. The Masala Fries definitely hit the hot spot for us!

The Chicken Chili Bombers were surprisingly flavoursome with the perfect balance of chicken and spices. Chili stuffed with chicken, vegetables, and all the gooey goodness made us fall in love with the bombers and you can never go wrong with fries (especially with all the extra spice and masala). If you are looking for something light to munch on, this combo is your best friend.

Fajita Chimichanga

This one was our personal favorite, crunchy vegetables paired with the deliciousness of Burrido’s secret sauce will definitely give you ‘foodgasm’!

Steak & Cheese Burrito

If the name sounds appealing, you will love the real thing! If you are a fan of the traditional steak and cheese, this burrito is definitely for you. Succulent meat-oozing-cheese, sandwiched between caramelized onions and veggies – What more can you ask for? One of our favorites and the most popular item at the table, the Steak & Cheese Burrito will fill your hearts and tummies with tantalizing flavours!

The brain behind this yummy venture tells us:

“The idea was to bring a different cuisine in Karachi. Every dish is modified as per our taste because Asian palates differ from their American counterparts. So you can see that every dish of ours is tested and tested multiple times till we get the perfect flavor and texture”.

While talking about expanding this taste to major areas of Karachi, he told us that this is included in his future plans, but Burridos offers a home delivery service so you can enjoy a Mexican meal even if you are not in the mood to leave the confines of your home. Burridos also delivers for lunch, so you can satisfy your burrito and taco cravings any time of the day or evening!

Surprise surprise! The joint also offers Nutella tacos for a sweet tooth along with vibrantly colored slushes to compliment the colorful food options. If you want to relax and enjoy burritos with your friends and family, Burridos is the best place to go!


About Dr. Ramsha Hussain

Ramsha is a Pharmacist by profession, writer by choice! She is qualified to write about health topics but loves to cover everything from food to music! Her aim in life? To be the Crazy Cat Lady!

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