Cirque Adrenaline

By Rabia Mughni
December 21, 2016

If you had to take me to a show, it would not be a circus. ‘Circus is so old school’, thought I.  It’s something we went to as children. Even if today’s Circus features some daredevil stunts, all this death-defying activity is for others. Not for me. This is because I am not, or rather, was not, till this day, a CircusGoer. However, all that changed when I decided to answer the media call to the CIRQUE ADRENALINE!

Little did I know that I would be totally awed and bowled over by the breathtakingly daring stunts throughout the show. After watching the preview, I can say for sure that it will be a tragedy if you are in Singapore in December and you miss this show. So we at FUCHSIA sat down to write this review and let you know, that if you’re like me and thought, this one’s not for you…then think again. Read on and find out more!

It’s December holidays, and if you are in Singapore wondering what to do with the children, if they are bored with the Zoo, the Night Safari and Water Parks, worry not. Cirque Adrenaline is here for you with just what the doctor has prescribed for children, in fact, for the entire family. It’s an all round family entertainer. It’s exciting, action-packed, fast-paced and full of daredevil stunts to keep the kids totally engrossed.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a video to make your adrenaline rush

Out With The Old, In With The New

This show is a mixture of old concepts presented with new and daring antics; so as you see people jumping in the air and lifting each other while balancing on one hand or leg, you will also see people walking and running on moving spheres, sometimes backwards and sometimes blindfolded, all in mid-air. While you will see fire, so near that you can feel the heat, you will also see motorcycles riding in a closed dome in perfect balance and harmony. Circus Adrenaline is a combination of  gravity-defying, fearless stunts, clown and trapeze acts, as well as motorbike and aerial stunts.

Just when you think you have had enough of one act, suddenly, the same act will throw another performance at you, another trick, to completely engross you all over again. Each act is perfected in timing and duration, not allowing you to get bored and giving you just the right dose of entertainment and anxiety.

This Time, Beauty Lies – Not In The Eye Of The Beholder But In The Choreography

It’s not just circus, it’s circus choreographed beautifully. I think that’s what I loved most about it, and that’s what made me change my stance from a ‘non-circus goer’ to an enthusiast! This masterful choreography is what took the show a notch higher than any other similar show. Each act and section is carefully planned in terms of music, lighting and most importantly, participants. There are main performers who deliver the act, and then there are supporting performers who, by way of their onset placement, costumes, and movements from time to time, add an edge to the entire experience. So as you watch the show, you can’t help but feel that you are witnessing a stellar theatrical performance.

It’s All Fun And Games For Them While You Sit On The Edge Of Your Seat!

The enthusiasm of the performers is infectious. As the nail-biting stunts keep you on the edge of your seat, the performers themselves make you feel as if it’s all fun and games for them. They seem to be revelling onstage, performing the most dangerous of acts. And you find yourself sharing their enthusiasm, despite being on the edge and praying that they make it through.

I think I have never attended a show where I was saying ‘Oh My God’, after every few minutes. Yes that’s how exciting, nerve-wrecking and incredible this show was. Just when you think the acts have been daring enough, you will witness yet another stunt, blurring the previous in comparison to the new one. So when the banners call out to you that this is “The most Daring, Death-defying show on Earth” ; it is true. Witness it for yourself this December.

The Cherry On Top

Last but not least, the cherry on top of this mind-blowing show was the good looking cast and crew. Another reason to not miss the show!  Their costumes, their makeup , their hairstyle, each of these add to the good looks of the actors and you will be starstruck! And this applies for both men and women.

Slight Disappointment, (But don’t let that get you down)

The only thing that was a slight disappointment was the clown act that filled in-between sequences in the show. I have to say that the actor was brilliant and put up a great show of performing tricks and involving the audience. Unfortunately, the content itself was not good enough and given the calibre of the rest of the show, was quite a mismatch. The show in reality didn’t need this part at all and could have fared very well without it. This act perhaps was necessary as a filler for changes to the sets, props and equipment. But it would definitely be advisable for the organisers or the producer to come up with better content in future.

However, even that slight disappointment could not take much away from the splendour and genius of the show itself!  So book your tickets now to view a complete family entertainer, book them to watch some old, familiar tricks renewed with the passion and flair of new daredevils. You will not regret this one!

The Cirque Adrenaline is on in Singapore till Christmas Day! Click here to get your tickets now. 


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