April 4, 2019
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Celery Juice is the latest juice on the block ! Social media influencers have taken to it like a fish to water. Do you think you’ll be jumping on the bandwagon?

Every year, there is a new trend or fitness hack that everyone around you starts to follow. We have all witnessed the Atkins diet phase, Cabbage soup diet, Keto diet and now the celery juice diet. Like always, I didn’t want to feel left out, so I jumped on the bandwagon and have officially completed 10 days of this trend.


Like every millennial, half my day is spent on social media where I come across every new trend. As of now there are around 119 K posts under the hashtag #celeryjuice. A lot of the bloggers I follow e.g.‘Nilo Haq and ‘Fatima Aqil’ seemed to be talking about this trend and were tracking their progress. Some celebrities like Kylie Jenner have also tried this hack. The benefits ascribed to drinking celery juice seemed quite tangible and miraculous – enough for me to decide to jump on the bandwagon and …  give it a try as well.


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Celery juice is known to be a miracle drink and the reason it is trending so much is because this green liquid is very beneficial to your body, skin and hair.

1. Celery juice contains a lot of vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, it also contains calcium and smaller amounts of minerals. Those who believe in the pros of this ‘miracle elixir’, feel that celery juice can help you get all the nutrients by drinking one glass a day rather than eating different foods to do the same.

2. Celery juice helps you keep your skin fresh. The green juice has a high water content, which keeps your skin hydrated. If you give it three days, you will also feel that your skin becomes pimple-free and your acquires a healthy glow.

3. From what I came across, bloating seems to be a universal issue. Many people joined this trend to get rid of bloating. I had not made any changes in my regular diet except for the addition of Celery juice. Within the first three days, I noticed that I was no longer bloated. This benefit really makes me want to do another week of detox.

4. Energy levels. Though I don’t believe there is a certain time to drink this juice, I tried to drink it an hour before my workout. It gave me immense amounts of energy which automatically made me achieve my workout goals. I didn’t feel too tired at the end of the workout.


Celery, celery juice, green juices, green smoothies, healthy eatingCELERY JUICE? IS IT OVERRATED?

TIPS – A few tips that I cracked during my progress are:

1. It is recommended to drink 16 oz. of Celery juice everyday. But I personally advise not to to start with 16 oz. It’s better to start with a lesser amount, giving your body a chance to get used to the bitter taste.

2. The taste of celery juice may come off as too bitter which leads to people quitting within a day or two. There are two tips which could help your green miracle juice become a little better. Add half an apple or cucumber to improve the bitterness of the juice.

3. If you are ready to jump on the bandwagon, please note that this juice is NOT a replacement for a meal, its just an addition to your diet. It is recommended to have this juice 15 mins. before your meal.

Celery Juice, green juices, healthy eating, celeryWEIGHT LOSS?

The main reason I started this diet was because research suggested that this addition to the diet can really help you lose a couple of extra pounds. It’s been 10 days and my weighing scale hasn’t budged! I am not sure whether this is because I didn’t change my diet or rather,  the juice doesn’t really help you lose weight.

There you have it. Celery juice might deliver multiple benefits but if you’re looking for weight loss? – I’m not so sure.


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