Hoop Earrings – Where Can You Buy The Best Ones?

By Dr. Ramsha Hussain
February 28, 2019
2 minutes

Hoop earrings are in fashion as long as I can remember. They can be paired with eastern attire but when paired with jeans and a fun top, they can really add the fun factor to your look!  As a person who loves hoops and doesn’t leave the house without them, finding the perfect hoop is a real struggle. The ‘Runway Fashion Radar 2019’ predicted that hoops are here to stay!

That’s why I am dedicating this article to hoop earrings, it’s all about hoops, where to find them, the availability of different designs, and the price! (Yes, you’re welcome)! So let’s start our exciting journey with Mantra!


Mantra is famous for its clothing, but the neglected section of accessories is the one you should focus on, if you want to find the perfect pair of hoop earrings! The prices are reasonable as you can find hoops under PKR 1000 and let’s be fair, this is a steal for a sizzling pair of hoops!


Khaadi is home to traditional clothing but do you know that they have a wide collection of jewelry too? Yes, you heard that right! You can shop for a complete look at Khaadi and dazzle daily. The collection of hoop earrings is diverse, you can select the plain ones, funky colors, or a combo of hoops and tassels to look your best!

Hoop Earrings – Where Can You Buy The Best Ones?


If you looking for everything blingy, MANGO won’t disappoint! House to chic tops and trendy jeans, Mango has a huge collection of jewelry that can make you feel look and feel trendy. They showcase a variety of hoop earrings from silver and gold to neon highlighter colors and intricate ones too. If you are visiting Mango to buy hoop earrings, you will surely leave the store with more than one pair!

Hoop Earrings – Where Can You Buy The Best Ones?


Junaid Jamshed AKA J. is the house to cultural and traditional attire but it houses the most blingy hoop earrings too. When you step inside to shop for your next look at J., don’t forget to buy the pair of hoops that match your outfit coz you can’t have too much hoop earrings … EVER!!

Hoop Earrings – Where Can You Buy The Best Ones?


As the name indicates, Accessorize is all about accessories! They can make you feel good about yourself, uplift your mood, complete an outfit, and boost your confidence. Accessorize can help you achieve all these goals. Though the hoop earrings are more on the pricier side, buying them is worth the money! (We have featured a pair of silver tops as well, so not ALL hoops there, just because … we loved them!).

Hoop Earrings – Where Can You Buy The Best Ones?

This is my complete guide to buying the best and trendiest hoop earrings in the city! The best thing you can do is to invest in a few pairs because … HOOP EARRINGS ARE HERE TO STAY!!!


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