Buy All Your Make-Up in Under $100

By Falak Amaar Khan
February 5, 2017

When you aren’t an ardent makeup user and don’t know, or care much, about the latest trends. When you still have to buy a few bits for those special occasions. When you do like to let your hair down and doll up, what should you buy without splurging on products you would never use and still look like you made an effort with what you put together?

So a girlfriend with the exact same requirements headed down to Sephora with me as we decided to buy the bare minimum that would still go a long way. The shopping would be relatively guilt-free, as the budget I had to work with was: $100!

Here is what she, I and a lovely sales girl in Sephora put together.


We chose Sephora Brightening & Hydrating Foundation – $29

  • It is lightweight, the coverage can be built up, and it can be used as a concealer as well, when dabbed lightly under the eye.
  • It is enriched with moisturising hyaluronic acid, provides daylong hydration & contains light-reflecting pigments

Face Powder:

We chose NYX High Definition Finishing Powder for a flawless finish – $20

  • This lightweight translucent finishing powder helps soften the appearance of fine lines and pores.
  • It is silky pressed powder with a fresh, matte finish.
  • It won’t let the foundation stray and provides a long-lasting finish.

Tip: Apply under the eye, over concealer, and brush off after a few minutes to create a crease-free look.

Eye Liner:

We opted for Sephora Long Lasting Kohl – $9

  • It has a creamy texture and glides on, providing optimal comfort for all-day wear.
  • It can be used inside the eye, along the waterline, and can also be smudged for a dramatic look.


We tried a few and found NYX Skinny Mascara – $15

  • It reaches even the tiniest lash hair and gives long-lasting wear. You can layer it thin or thick as you prefer but it does the work without a clumpy look.
  • The water-resistant formula and micro brush work together to create the appearance of long, beautifully-defined lashes.

Eyebrow pencil/brush:

Diaso Eyebrow Pencil – $2

Shocked ? We kid you not! This is actually a decent eyebrow crayon with a brush at the other end.

  • It blends well, the Dark Brown 2 is perfect for dark eyebrows without having an over powering effect.

It can’t get more budget friendly than that! Option 2: keep your brows tidy because they make a world of a difference to your face.


NYX High Definition Blush would give NARS a run for their money – $12

We loved ‘Intuition’ in this range as it’s a lovely peachy-pink, not too shimmery and a shade one could wear with almost any look.

  • It has a high-definition lightweight blush that blends evenly.
  • This vibrant and silky blush delivers a beautiful flush of colour and is paraben-free.


NYX Matte Lipstick – $13

‘Tea Rose’ is the perfect Dusky Pink shade for anyone who doesn’t want to risk it with a too-pink or too-brown lip colour. It suits most complexions although I was tempted to pick up a couple more from this range of Matte Lipsticks, as they are:

  • Highly pigmented, richly formulated and long-wearing.
  • The formula glides on smoothly and stays put with a non-drying matte finish.

At the end of the shopping spree, my friend and I were pretty chuffed at accomplishing our mission. Not only did we manage to stick to our budget, but we also made some amazing discoveries and couldn’t wait to get home and try out our new buys.


About Falak Amaar Khan

Falak Amaar Khan is a member of Team FUCHSIA, heading the Fashion section in her capacity as a fashion designer, stylist and choreographer. As a writer, Falak covers fashion, community and entertainment. This super busy mother of two is working towards supporting a cause through her work. She would also love to integrate more into the Singaporean community, and explore the island in a more realistic manner. Her motto in life? GET ON WITH IT!