Burning Brownie – Doin’it The Funky Way!

By Maha Dania Qazi
February 20, 2019
2 minutes

Burning Brownie Café Review

“I’m someone who prefers the creative process over business”

Ammar Mumtaz, owner of arguably Islamabad’s most go-to café, contemplates over the success of his Islamabad venture. Ever since it was officially launched in 2015 at the upmarket Beverly Center in Islamabad, The Burning Brownie has taken indulgence to an entirely new level in the snacks and desserts cafe business!

Burning Brownie Review - Is The Hype Worth The Food?

Ammar is a creative visionary who knew well before other cafes launched in the same place that he was onto something good. From his signature mouth-watering goodies and coffees to savory paninis, it is always about high quality ingredients with a creative twist.

You Had Me At “My Favorite Flavor is Chocolate”

All aboard chocolate lovers! This is exactly what Ammar had in mind when launching Burning Brownie in 2010. He launched what is today, his ubiquitous melt-in-your-mouth chocolate brownies from a trendy F-7 gas station in Islamabad. The owner spotted his talent immediately and gave him that space. People inquired, and thereafter there was no looking back.

Doin’ It The Funky Way”

You can taste and feel the dedication to his craft in every morsel of Chocolate Noisette or the hugely popular cheesecake. What’s most impressive is that Ammar is not a formally trained chef – which is even more inspiring and motivating to young entrepreneurs wanting to pursue the same field. What he has done is, hone his craft by traveling and training with the best international Michelin chefs to perfect the menu at his cafe.

Burning Brownie Review

Casual Dining At It’s Finest

I noticed the buzz about us when I walked in. Burning Brownie is very much a one-stop wholesome dining experience. From the crunchy Green & Healthy Salad for Rs.564, and freshly baked Grilled Chicken Panini for Rs.600, it’s fairly priced (given the trendy location and value of the plummeting Pakistani rupee). The staff is super courteous and helpful.

Burning Brownie Review

The Best Thing!

In addition to being a chocoholic, I love a rich blend of coffee. Do have the Costa Rican single blend Cortado- without milk, for Rs. 278. I would opt for this over the Flat White priced at Rs.321. It’s actually tastier and more satisfying. You can’t have a Burning Brownie experience without trying the super sumptuous slice of cheesecake. And if you want to be experimental you can also try the Rasmalai variety. The chocolate milkshake is the piece de resistance drink – full of texture and body. It’s just how the Burning Brownie customer likes it.

Burning Brownie Review

Mind The Gap 

In a competitive and thriving field such as the food industry in Pakistan, a lot of people want to join the ever-growing cafe business. In retrospect, Ammar says he wishes he had kept his establishment small before he expanded it and opened another one in F-11. Ammar says they’re always looking to hire female personnel if they find the right person for the job. Burning Brownie has been doin’ it the funky way and definitely here to stay.


Go pay them a visit, you’ll be back for more! 5 Stars all the way for taste, creativity, and presentation.







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