Shoes – Buy The Branded Look for Less!

By Falak Amaar Khan
January 1, 2019
1 minute

Shoes Make the Woman – IF The Price is Right

Every woman loves to own an expensive pair of shoes. High-end brands have not only picked up on that desire, they have used it in the smartest way possible to create shoes we all love. But not everyone can afford the price tags attached to these beauties.

But does that mean you can’t own a pair although you love the style and the design? You absolutely can! Here are a few examples of high street brands that have recreated shoes as close to the branded shoe design as copyright allows.

Now unless someone reads the label under your feet, no one will guess if these are the real deal or not. And you can buy 4 pairs if not more in the price of ONE! Smart, isn’t it?

Manolo Blahnik

Hangisi –  Notturno Bride. Silver Metallic Fabric Jewel Buckle Pumps at $1,790.00


Pazzion Silver Sparkly Embellished Front Heels at $89.00

Valentino Garavani

Rockstud Leather Pumps at $1,410.00


Dune – Daenerys. Silver Studded High Heel Court Shoes at $66.00

Jimmy Choo

LOVE 85 – Black Floral Lace Pointy Toe Pumps at $1014.00


Pedder Red – Jess Lace Pumps at $200.00

Jimmy Choo

Romy 85 – Suede and Crystal Covered Pointy Toe Pumps at $3270.00


Pedder Red – Reese. Crystal Embellished Pointed Pumps at $280.00


Oran Sandal In Box Carve Skin at $680.00


Steve Madden – Greece. Cognac Leather Sandal at $79.95


Princetown Leather Slipper at $1250.00


Dune – Genesis. Red Mule Loafers at $75.00

Christian Louboutin

Décolleté – 554 Patent at $950.00


Pazzion – Wine Glossy Ombre Stilletos at $89.00

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