By Apsara Oswal
November 9, 2015

One of the most exciting things about Fall is getting those boots out of your closet! However, most of us in sunny Singapore can’t experience much of that nip in the air unless we travel to a cooler country. That doesn’t mean though that we can’t rock this ultra-glam footwear. For this month’s fashion edition, we decided to show you a few looks that we thought were cool when it comes to boots. These shoes are an essential part of any woman’s winter wardrobe. The ways of wearing boots are endless, so experiment away!

The Bootie- This versatile shoe style goes with almost everything and every woman absolutely needs a pair. Black or brown are good options to have since they work with most outfits. The ankle boots in this shot give the metallic organza dress an ultramodern edge. These boots can look amazing with tights, jeans, dresses or skirts (of different lengths) as well as shorts. We are featuring them with this asymmetrical formal dress which shows that they will go with pretty much everything.

The Moto(rcycle) Boot– this type is associated with motorcycle riders and range from above the ankle and below the knee. It is a more casual and everyday boot so should be comfortable enough for traipsing around town. If you buy them, invest in a pair made of good leather and a solid sole. You do not have to be well-versed in all things Harley Davidson to add a pair of these to your Fall arsenal. Pair them with virtually anything ranging from skirts, denims, etc. to instantly add a little grunge/rock toughness or cool ‘model off-duty look.’ We styled the shoot in a biker-chic fashion and added a little grungy feel, with the jacket and aviators creating this downtown street style.

The Dressy Bootie-this one is more for vanity than walking but a dainty pair can work wonders to transform a simple outfit into something extremely stylish. These boots allow you creative freedom with your outfit or even creativity with the shoe itself. Since they are so stylish, one can buy a pair in funky colours, embellishments, unique heels, etc. These dainty booties sometimes are mistaken for shoes with laces but fall in the boot family for sure. They might not be the most comfortable variety but are quite versatile and can transform from office shoes to party wear. The deconstructed skirt along with the fitted black shirt, gives the bootie a formal yet edgy feel but just by changing the top into a tank or the skirt into skinny pants, the dressy bootie will transform into something more smart-casual.

The Girly Stiletto bootie– this look is a little more conservative than the dressy bootie and has a feminine touch to it, so goes really well with dresses. This look is very preppy and polished. The girly bootie gives this otherwise minimalistic outfit the edge that it needs to make a fashion statement.

The Riding Boots- these boots reach close to your knee or a little above them. They look great in neutral hues with at least1-inch heels. A straight cut makes them easy to slip in and out of, and they are perfect for a little more casual, but still refined, look. We chose a brown pair (which are slightly slouchy) for this photo, along with a silk shirt and matte-gold neckpiece, to show you how to pull off a smart-casual look. Skinny pants and jeans work best with these boots but long skirts can look cool with them too.


About Apsara Oswal

Apsara Oswal is a business graduate turned fashion stylist. She has previously worked as a stylist in Mumbai for India’s longest running fashion and lifestyle magazine Verve and has experience in fashion shows, ad films, print ads and editorials, in addition, to her Diploma in fashion style and image consultancy. She moved to Singapore 5 years ago and opened Mythology Boutique; an independent multi-label boutique for Eastern and Western wear.