Book Review – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

By Huda Mehmood
February 25, 2017

When it comes to fandoms, the list begins with Harry Potter for many. Even those who were saved from the magical spell of the series would have had friends who were obsessed with it. In every group of friends, there must have been a Harry Potter fan.

Everyone has heard about Harry Potter and the story of the trio: Harry, Ron and Hermione. The series began when Harry entered the magical world as an orphan; he had no true idea of his identity or the world he would be saving as per his destiny. Then followed a series of adventures with amazing plot twists that left you in awe and a curiosity that kept you turning the pages. With the story of ‘The Boy Who Lived’ who fights against evil, united under Lord Voldemort, the typical, yet not so typical villain of the series, and concluding with the final fight which sees the forces of good winning, and peace restored in the wizarding world.

Towards the end of the final book we get a brief glimpse of the future, nineteen years later, of Harry and his world. We get another glimpse into this world through ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’. While fans will get to peek into the world they left behind, it allows for new readers to fully experience the magic of Harry Potter as well. It is a chance for all to become a part of this legendary journey and see it up close as a play or read it as a stand-alone book; an easy way to get to know the characters that people all over the world are obsessed with.

Jack Thorne presents us ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ teaming up with J.K. Rowling, herself, and John Tiffany. We are welcomed into this world with new and old characters facing the demons of the past – demons that still haunt Harry into sleepless nights and result in a hurting scar. It is split into two parts and each part presents a new picture of doom for the wizarding world. Both parts serve up their individual dose of adventure and together, they give birth to the same magical world that we grew up with.

The story revolves around a child as is pretty evident from the title and this child threatens the magical world. In this world Albus, Harry’s son, is not so fond of his father or his accomplishments, as he struggles to survive in a world full of expectations. It is in this struggle that he and his best friend Scorpious live through some life-altering experiences. The story develops around them and their struggles. Defeated and dejected by the world, they find acceptance with each other, which makes their friendship all the stronger. It can be rightfully said that this is a story of friendship; the foundation of the Harry Potter world.

Moreover, it is a story of acceptance and forgiveness, of bravery and heroism, of struggle and fight, of love and friendship. It is a beautifully written story. In the beginning it may seem hard to digest reading it in such a format, as it is the printed version of the script and not a novel. I read it as a novel, but once you adjust to the different format, is when the real fun begins. For all the obsessed fans, like me, you will love it no matter what! So if you have not read it yet, grab a copy soon and read it. However, at some points it does sound like fan-fiction but that only indicates that Jack Thorne is a true Potter fan at heart! The plot may falter at times, but for a fan it will touch your heart and leave you in wonder of the magical adventures possible in the Harry Potter world. One can easily overlook the weaker parts as the overall story is worth the read. There comes a time when you will be shedding tears that you have been holding in, yet at the same time, you cannot help but let a cry of laughter escape your lips!

Filled with witty humor and dark gloom, ‘The Cursed Child’ brings together a beautiful addition to the legacy of Harry Potter – an addition that needs to be read by the Potterheads out there! As for the newbies, give it a read and you will certainly be charmed by this world. Within the play you’ll find Rowling waiting for you and saying through the ‘Sorting Hat’:

“Don’t worry child, I know my job,

You’ll learn to live, if first you sob”


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