The Bloggers’ Face Off – Are Instagram Endorsements On Point?

April 5, 2019
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Influencer marketing is when brands pay bloggers or influencers to promote their product to reach a vast audience.

Recently, a Pakistani blogger, Naiha J Eiman, also known as @rebelliousbrownie published a video where she rants about a topic that is less spoken today. She talks about how she was approached by a certain brand for a product review, but since she did not like the product she refused to review it. She also mentioned how other bloggers and influencers were still reviewing that very same product. We are super impressed by NaIha, firstly because she dealt with this situation in a very mature manner; she didn’t like the product so she refused to endorse it. Secondly, because she was sensible enough to address the ‘finanacial gain’ or ‘money’ issue here. She mentioned how money doesn’t grow on trees, and what might seem a small amount for you might be a huge amount for someone else. Naiha concluded her video by stating “Instagram has portrayed us as role models”.

Naiha Eman, blogger


Although Naiha never mentioned the blogger’s name, Jaweriah Shahbaz aka @desibridezilla posted a video in response to clarify that the only reason she reviewed the product was because it caters to people who are not looking for an expensive laptop. She mentioned that, obviously it’s not the same as purchasing an Apple laptop because the price is easy on the pockets.


No we didn’t need any justification from the so called “other bloggers”. The video that Naiha sent out delivered a strong enough message and didn’t require justification from other bloggers as to why they reviewed the product. However, Jaweriah Shahbaz a.k.a @desibridezilla still chose to post a video to justify her endorsement. Well, the real question is: Would she ever use that laptop herself? And if not, then she shouldn’t have endorsed the product in the first place and saved us some ‘precious online screen time’ on such a long explanation.


With marketing mostly being focused on social media, it is not easy to escape false endorsements so don’t be quick into believing everything you see out there. Here are some tips to go by:

1. Before buying any product, do your research. Instagram or Facebook are the primary search tools for product research and endorsements (Instagram influencers taking a HUGE slice of that pie), so make sure you choose at least two platforms for a more objective review. Or even consider three different types of sources so that you don’t waste your money on low quality products.
2. Just like Naiha stated, it’s important to note that ‘looks CAN be deceptive’ and ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. Sometimes the packaging for a certain product may be very attractive but the product itself might be harmful for you, or promises more than it delivers; thus making a huge hole in your pocket. Ever heard of buyer dissatisfaction?


Watching both the videos made us realize how significant is the role of a blogger/ influencer. These influencers carry an invisible responsibility on their shoulders that some of them aren’t even aware of. Their content reaches so many people across the world. Let’s be real, we have all experimented with products that are trending or talked about by these bloggers. To me, bloggers rule the influencer world. They start trends that instantly seem to catch on and accumulate a huge fan following overnight. Little do these bloggers/influencers know that any false endorsement may be detrimental for their followers. Not saying that all bloggers or all posts are out there to earn money, but there have been times when these bloggers misuse their power to earn a little bit of extra money. So beware of following ‘only blogger -ed endorsements”, unless you have read reviews from multiple independent sources. Think before you act, or in this case – buy!


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