Big Sister – Little Sister. Which One Are You?

April 10, 2019
2 minutes

On Siblings Day, we bring you a relationship that shares an unbreakable bond – Sisters. They fight, laugh, argue, live through precious moments in childhood and grow up with a bond that no one can truly comprehend except themselves. When you’re sitting in a room full of people and you smile at each other because you just shared a quiet joke, a memory or a glance that says it all, you know it’s your sister you’re talking to. Big Sisters and little sisters share a relationship that transcends words. However, here we are, talking to a pair of sisters as they recount what they love, and (don’t) love, about each other! Read on and see if you find yourself in one of them!

Introducing: Big Sister Umamah and Little Sister Madeeha. We asked them a few questions, listen to what they have to say!

What you can’t stand about her?

Madeeha: She thinks she’s always right!

Umamah: She’s messy (used to be lol). And her BAD spellings! hahaha (She laughs).

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One thing you love about her?

Madeeha: She’s the best person to turn to for advice. She’s always there for you and will give her honest opinion.

Umamah:  She’s always helpful

The first thing you say when you’re in deep trouble and you call her?

Madeeha: Umamah, help!

Umamah: Hey, are you free? Emergency.

The one thing only she will understand about you?

Madeeha: The way my mind works. No one else gets it.

Umamah: My intentions are always good.

What your children think of her?

Madeeha: Don’t have any yet for them to think of her :p

Umamah: Smitten. Ready to leave me to live with her! hahaha (That laugh again!).


Sisters, Siblings Day, Siblings, Sister love, Big sister, Little Sister

What do your parents think of her?

Madeeha: Second in command, the one who can control any situation, the responsible and stubborn.

Umamah: She will always be there to help.

One thing you will never do even though you love her?

Madeeha: Tell her something not true just to make her feel better. We’re honest with each other and it’s always out of love.

Umamah: Let it go even when she is wrong – I will call her out.

One thing you will always do for her?

Madeeha: Babysit!

Umamah: Fight for her.


Sisters, Siblings Day, Siblings, Sister love, Big sister, Little Sister

The time you had the biggest fight with her?

Madeeha: My teenage years, when I did some stupid stuff and she called me out for it (rightfully so).

Umamah: She lied about her grades so I slapped her :p

The time you made up after the biggest fight?

Madeeha: Organically I think. We can’t really last without talking to each other for a long time.

Umamah: My mom saying … talk to each other! hahaha (She laughs – again).

Longest you haven’t spoken to each other?

Madeeha: 4-5 days, I think it was right after my wedding and things were a bit crazy.

Umamah: 3 days maybe?


Sisters, Siblings Day, Siblings, Sister love, Big sister, Little Sister

Message for all the big sisters, little sisters out there?

Madeeha: Your big sister is your best friend, your second mother and the person who knows you better than you might know yourself. Cherish this relationship! It’s the best thing!

Umamah: Big sisters – no one will be there for helping you like your younger sisters.

Little sisters, listen up  – big sisters are the best! Lol – Spoken like a big sister, if we may say so!



































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