About Sophie Apsara

Sophie Apsara is a freelance model, emcee, performer and most interestingly – a snake bellydancer. Apart from keeping herself active in the Arts Scene within Singapore, she engages in volunteer work at a number of organizations - SPCA, Tabitha Foundation and various orphanages in Singapore, to name a few. Sophie’s interests include reading, writing, dancing, poetry and learning new languages – currently working on Arabic, then on to Japanese. Sophie’s aim is to challenge herself through her writing and to touch others with her words. Sophie's greatest love is animals. For the past decade, she has fostered animals until they are ready to be adopted. She has a dog and cat of her own whom she lovingly calls her furkids. She also believes that Ranveer Singh is her husband (he just doesn’t know it yet)! She lives by the motto: ‘Dont' be satisfied with stories. How things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth’.

Love. It is the most remarkable phenomenon that exists in the world today. It cannot be measured, weighed or quantified. Yet it’s existence is powerful, indisputable and highly contagious. Little did I know what awaited me. A test that would challenge everything I believed about myself. It happened perchance, one day, that I would finallyContinue reading