About Sana Zehra

Sana Zehra holds a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology. She currently works as Project Manager for a non-profit organization - Roohbaru. Sana has been engaged with a multitude of mental health projects: Clinical Supervisor Care for Health, Counsellor Saaya Health, Pakistan's First Mental Health Support Group @LePrive Support Group and Pro Bono work at Jinnah Hospital to name a few. Sana loves to engage in expressive writing, and believes It is great for physical and mental health. She plans to one day make some solid changes in the Mental Health Act.

Is it Depression or Just Sadness? – Mental Health Revisited Sana Zehra tells us the difference. Depression and melancholia or sadness are often overlapped because we associate depression with its main symptom that is common sadness. Psychologists now know that smiles and sadness are innate. Sadness and happiness are both normal emotions. Sadness is set offContinue reading