About Sabina Munshi

Sabina Munshi manages her own Social Media Marketing venture at Spot On! She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from the USA. She is based in Singapore. She finds writing very therapeutic. Reading, blogging, studying cultures through travel, challenging her comfort zones is what this proud and busy mother of 3 is all about! Sabina plans to enroll in the Harvard Business School MBA program one day. She lives by the motto: Enjoy the journey and not obsess about the end goal. And if all else fails ... a jar of Nutella solves everything!

DIY Lip Colors – YES You Can, with our Makeup Hacks! Do any of you use your traditional stick lipsticks anymore? I have tons of them and don’t seem to be using them at all. What do I do with them? Well here is my secret to lipsticks I don’t use. Absolutely love this hack!Continue reading