About Saba Tariq Hassan

Saba holds a Law Degree from the University of Hull in the U.K. However, this Corporate Lawyer is now discovering that her real passion lies in writing! Saba is married with a son. She wants to be able to capture the spirit of a person or place through her writing. On a funny note, in her own words: ' I want to be able to "adult" without feeling like an imposter! She loves Marvel Comics and confesses to being a Sci/Fi - Fantasy geek. Her comic soulmate? 'Well, Star Lord of course!' Saba loves to make people laugh. She secretly wishes she were a Persian Cat! She prefers to 'Live in the Moment', and goes by the motto: Take it a day at a time!

I’m writing this article while comfortably lounging on a gorgeous work bench, sipping a picture-perfect cappuccino in a lovely light-filled space known as Coffee Wagera in Badar Commercial Area. There’s a sense of familiarity here, although this is only my first (of many, many) visits.  There’s great music playing (love the new Sam Smith song!),Continue reading


You Must Try These Winter Snacks When Visiting Pakistan in December Winter in Pakistan varies depending on which city or province you are based in. For Karachiites, winter is limited to a few chilly days when the Quetta breezes blow, and this time is usually called Decemberistan, when expats come back and balls and dances,Continue reading


Of Chai – Paratha, Gladioli and Guava Jelly – Karachi Farmer’s Market is The Place to Be! Winter days in the city by the sea are one of my favourite times of the year. The crisp chill in the air, the soft sea breeze, the thela-waalas with their offerings of dry fruit and nuts, theContinue reading